CVG - Dead Island Review

CVG - Dead Island has some good ideas and satisfying gameplay to offer in places, all that's needed is a niche audience willing to dig a little to find it. If anything, this one will find success as a guilty pleasure, but that'll be after it's been utterly pooh-poohed by gaming connoisseurs.

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Sunhammer2423d ago

Yeah, I knew it wouldn't live up to that CGI trailer.

NukaCola2423d ago

Don't let that white dude on Hip Hop Gamer hear about this... If an 80 is on the brink of failing, then what does a 65 mean?

Angrymorgan2423d ago

Don't know how to take this game, reviews are all very different

LOGICWINS2423d ago

Solution: Play it and find out.

Angrymorgan2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

I never thought of that lol

JellyJelly2423d ago

Most of the articles from CVG are usually full of sh*t. I don't see why their reviews would be any different?

LOGICWINS2423d ago

They gave Yakuza 4 a glowing review. I played it and I agree its an awesome game.

DeeZee2423d ago

Looks like this game will have a 7 on metacritic, most of the reviews I'm seeing are around 6.5-8.

Michael-Jackson2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

bu, bu Greg Miller is wrong :(, give me a break.

There's already too many must buy games coming out so I'm not gonna buy mediocre games, this game sounds all right though.

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