GGTL Review: Rise of Nightmares

GGTL: "Since its launch late last year, Kinect’s library of games has consisted of light, family-friendly titles like Sonic: Free Riders and Dance Central, lacking any purely adult-focussed content. No longer, for Sega has delivered Rise of Nightmares, the first M-rated (PEGI 18 in Europe) game for Kinect. Rise of Nightmares is an effort to create a survival horror title in the vein of Condemned: Criminal Origins or the Resident Evil series, but it falls flat in nearly every way possible, lacking quality controls, satisfying scares, or even any fun at all."

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Bigpappy2290d ago

I get the feeling he didn't like it. What's your thoughts?

TheMyst2290d ago

Given that he gave it a 4, I agree with you. lol.

TheDivine2290d ago

LOL. This doesnt bode well my friends.

TheMyst2290d ago

Yea, it seems reviews are pretty mixed..

BrightFalls762290d ago

I don't know how anybody can expect this title to be good. It's just like all the other shovel ware out on Kinect but with blood.

caseh2290d ago

When fruit Ninja is consitently rated higher you know you've rleased a turkey :D

Angrymorgan2290d ago

Kinect sux at the moment, had 1 since launch, I think given time developers will learn how to implement it into games like head tracking on forza but an fps kinect game.... No

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