GTA 4 Mods: These Cars Will Make Your Jaw Drop Instantly

GTA 4 offers many mods for more realism and authenticity. PCG shows you cars that simply look like real! Check them out!

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rabidpancakeburglar2454d ago

My jaw stayed firmly shut. Looks fantastic though, they could be mistaken for real cars.

jriquelme_paraguay2454d ago

wow.. almost GT5 quality
Modders are insane

HeavenlySnipes2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Poor attempt at trolling. Get ready to be raped by PC guys

1/10 for your comment

I got one bubble for offereing my opinion on fanboy articles. I used to have 4 but I grew tired of passing on commenting for fear of losing them.

First one gone for commenting on a "PC gaming dying" article, defending consoles when a guy said all console games are shit. Stupid of me to disagree right?

Second one gone on a "Rumor of MW3 beta for 360 only". Said I wasn't surprised if it were true, the 360 always gets stuff first when it comes to COD. That bubble loss didn't make sense to me, because similar comments were made like that lol.

Third one lost for saying I hate how MS is spamming Kinect commercials all over the damn place. Don't remember the article, but I was flagged for trolling lol.

With one bubble, I don't have to give a flying **** about hurting fanboys feelings, its more....liberating lol.

jriquelme_paraguay2454d ago

lol... talk the one with one bubble

MAJ0R2454d ago

this is far above GT5 quality

jriquelme_paraguay2454d ago

OMG... what's wrong here?

GT5 people work for 6 years in their models...
If i say "almost" is an accomplishment for the great work of the modder.

People in N4G see FanboyGhost everywere

ATi_Elite2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Dude get real!

Now i like GT5, I really appreciate the quality of Polyphony Studios latest project but don't be a blind fanboy and please do not be a fanboy ranting and raving but has never played anything else.

Trackmania 2 CRUSHES any racing game ever made when your talking about graphics and GTAIV with the mod beats GT5 aswell when your just talking pure graphic models of cars.

Seriously the reflections of people in the glossy paint of the GTAIV ice mod cars at times is better than the graphics in GT5 on some of the non-premium cars and only those who do not have a PC and have never run the GTIV w/ Icenhancer mod would only disagree cause they have never seen it.

death2smoochie2454d ago

Ahhh, no offense but GT5 is not close to this mod quality. It simply is not.
I am not slagging on GT5 but honestly graphic wise OVERALL for the game was a letdown

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jeenyus2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Am sick of this german PC mod garbage. Like all people have on PC are mods.. Post some actual news, I'm a GTA fanboy and these look amazing, but still.

norman292454d ago

Im not sick of PC mods, im just sick of GTA4 PC mods, theres like a new one (probs all the same tbh) posted on here like every 4 days, ok we get it you can make the game look prettier, get over it :|

ATi_Elite2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

I love mods and i especially love the GTAIV mods and you wanna know why?

Cause GTAIV PC was a piss poor console port when it first hit the PC but dedicated PC Gamers have turned dog shite into pure Gold! Now GTAIV PC with Ice mod is the ONLY way the game should be played, the Superior way.

what you see on these pages is easily obtainable on a mid range PC around $600

norman292454d ago

Yeah but a pretty game cant cover up how shit the game actually is

NotSoSilentBob2454d ago

Pretty sad that the consumer has to code this instead of the dev actually taking sometime to show what their engines can do.

ATi_Elite2454d ago

pretty sad that GTAIV will look better than GTAV!

NotSoSilentBob2454d ago

Till another consumer makes a mod for it(GTA5).

PersonMan2451d ago

Rockstar didn't take something that was finished and tweak it like these modders did.

Try creating a 100+ open world game with all the voice acting, buildings, cinematics, car design, creating the euphoria engine, and all the other stuff that goes into a game besides the graphics and then you can talk.

Rockstar has things called deadlines too... modders can stay home all day in their parents basement tweaking the existing code and it's NEVER finished because it's always being adjusted.

I'd rather take a game like GTA IV the way they made it instead of waiting 3 more years of development time to get the graphics to look better.... Plus, I believe that Rockstar had limited resources to work with when making this on consoles first.

pennywhyz2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

way above gt5