Death By Robots - Review: Dead Island

Jennifer Taylor @ DBR writes: Imagine the scene: you’re out on the tropical island of Banoi, minding your own business, catching some rays and partying with random strangers in nightclubs. You have a few too many, and probably do things you’re not too proud of. Waking up in your bed the next morning is a blessing; you could have been lying in a gutter choking on your own sick, or drowning in a pool. But on this very morning, is it really such a blessing?

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GoldenPheasant2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

The negatives reviewers are posting about this game I actually like, it makes it seem more real (ie. no marker to quest location/destination). But things like that dialogue hick up (he/she), that's total pants! and should be fixed with a patch. Even if said patch is around a GB because it has to do with replacing all voice overs to do with the screw up.

JellyJelly2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

And it will be fixed. There's a day 1 patch issued that will fix most problems mentioned in reviews.

news about the patch:

littlejuicebox2271d ago

I like the idea that they are already sorting certain issues with the patch, but as that article reads 'unfortunately our contact would not provide us with the actual list of the fixes' you have to wonder whether this update will actually include a whole new dialogue system for the he/she issue.

dkgshiz2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

If you search for this sites name on google you can't even get the url to come up. Extremely generic nobody site. 10 bucks says they never even got a copy of the game. Unless a store nearby were they are based out of sold it early. Other then that I guarantee a site like this could never convince Techland to send them a copy early to review it.
Edit:I could...then you could use that money to buy the game when it comes out tomorrow. I just know how things work. You can't just go on (or somewhere similar) and buy a cheap domain. Set up a nice little casual game site and instantly start getting official review game copies. Oh...and if you can actually do what I just said. I'm going to do that myself. A domain, storage space, costs probably about $120 a year on godaddy. So I could set up a cheap little website and start calling all of the big game companies. EA,Activision,Blizzard,Naughty Dog,etc. Then I can get free games much earlier then their launch date and just post a cheap review on my site.

littlejuicebox2271d ago

How would like to send those 10 bucks?

joeydale132271d ago

As someone who also writes for said site I also know how things work squire.

I report to littlejuicebox who gives me things to review...Including review code (shock horror). She also sends me to preview events that we get invited to BY ACTUAL PUBLISHERS, again, who would have thunkit?

I'd like to know why you even felt the need to post that message? Is it constructive? Does it help other users of this site make make decisions about a review or help them come to conclusions? Didn't think so. Next time when you get the urge to post something so moronic that even the hardest of N4G trolls wouldn't post take a deep breath, count to ten and close your browser.

Oh, and I hope you enjoy the other quality content we have up at DBR :)

EscoBlades2271d ago

You mad bro?

People like you are the reason N4G has gone down the drain recently. Please crawl back to the hole that spawned you.

Protag222271d ago

Hey, One-bubble, why dont you go and set up that little site of yours then? And while your there, you could do a little bit of research to find what we call 'facts' before speculating about the integrity of strangers webpages?

Publishers work on alexa rankings, hits, and to some extent how much said site has supported their game. Deep Silver, who publish dead island (you probably didnt know that) are relatively small and would likely happily provide copies to sites who show heavy coverage of their game.

You have no idea how ANYTHING works, even your brain by the look of it, so why dont you turn that high horse around and ride it elsewhere?

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