Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Maintains 60 Frames in Co-Op

Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima is doing his best to alleviate any lingering concerns that Metal Gear Solid HD Edition won't be sixty frames per second. Today, via Twitter, he addressed Peace Walker's PlayStation Network/Xbox Live online mode. Even in four player co-op, this mode runs at sixty, he assured.

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CoReI5K2240d ago

With the Untapped Power of the xbox360 anything is possible.....Day 1 purchase.

JoGam2240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

LOL...That was funny! PS3 Day one.

NukaCola2240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )


Oh yes my friend, because the only power left in the 360 is to make a PSP game run at 60 frames? This is like the 2nd HD remake of anything on 360. You should stop trolling an be gracious MS is actually letting a remake touch there system, other than BeyGood&Evil, MS doesnt allow remakes. Even the upcoming Xbox Oddworld games are going to PS3 and PC only. You need to stop with your childish behavior. Just enjoy the game.

buddymagoo2240d ago

You want the PS3 version anyway because it has the Metal Gear Solid PSone code. Which isn't available for the 360 and is essential if you want the full MGS experience.

maniacmayhem2240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )


Isn't the Silent Hill collection coming to 360?

PERFECT DARK for N64 was remade and put on XBL.

Also Banjo Kazooie was remade and put on XBL.

where are you getting this information from?

Edit: oh and lets not forget HALO!

buddymagoo2240d ago

If enough 360 owners like MGS collection they could end up buying a PS3 for MGS4. More MGS online players sneak up on!

chrisgay2240d ago


When I still had my PS3, Metal Gear Online was my favourite online experience, then out of nowhere, whenever I chose the option from the MGS4 menu, the system would just return to the XMB. No matter the solutions I tried it wouldn't work- not even other copies of the game or a format. Madness- particularly annoying as I totally loved that game, would totally love to play it again.

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TheMyst2240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

I'm glad it's coming to 360. I'm sure some 360 gamers will love it so much that they will buy a PS3 for MGS4, and even if they don't, they'll still get to play some of the best games ever.

Personally, I'll be getting on PS3 but all the power to you if you're getting it on 360. I don't understand this whole fanboy debacle.

newleaf2240d ago

Xbox 360 :) day one.
Xbox 360

TheMyst2240d ago

Good for you man, and if you enjoy them, consider buying a PS3 to play MGS4 (which imo is the best so far... or the very least second best).

Bigpappy2240d ago

Those do look like black 360's sitting between those monitors. Looks like there is a lot of focus on the 360 version. But that does not mean the PS3 version will be gimped like my PS3 friends like to profess.

buddymagoo2240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

Considering the original Metal Gear Solid is included in the PS3 version and not the 360 version I would keep my mouth shut if I was you. We all know which is the inferior version.

jetlian2240d ago

only in japan and japan doesn't get peacewalker

wenaldy2240d ago

The first three comment'ers are "you know who" MGS article.. *grasp*

Since when you cared about MGS son??? :d

Simon_Brezhnev2240d ago

Wow a lot of labor day trolls today.

Dart892240d ago

Especially the first guy look at his comments he's been making all day xD.

OT Can't wait for this ps3 version.

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