GameCentral: Dead Island Review

GameCentral writes "The season's highest profile zombie game features one of the most scenic apocalypses possible, as well as a Fallout style open world and online co-op."

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Daz2211d ago

You either love it or hate it :P But i know its my kind of game.

JellyJelly2211d ago

The reviews that don't like it seem to bash it mainly because the teaser trailer released didn't exactly reflect the gameplay. Personally, I think the mix between Dead Rising and Fallout sounds like a match made in heaven.

gustave1542211d ago

I din't know about the score.. It looks like a decent game...

A-Glorious-Dawn2211d ago

They seemingly make mountains out of molehills, though I can't be sure until I play it myself...

All I know is that the first instalment of a new iP is always a bit rough around the edges, But this is a concept I am really interested in and if it sells well enough (which it will) There will surely be a sequel which should hopefully polish on the first....

bumnut2211d ago

Very weak graphics? every other review says the graphics are great.

creepjack2211d ago

It's obvious that who ever wrote this review went in with their mind already made up. While most of the issues they talk about are real, every other review didn't seem to think they were that big of an issue. These are the kind of reviews that make me not want to read review anymore.

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