Dead Island Review -

As a single player game, Dead Island delivers a meaty experience that lasts absolutely ages, and the first person zombie adventure is an excellent pastime. However, the overall enjoyment is slightly marred by the fact that the online coop is infested with bugs.

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killcycle1966d ago

Damn was expecting higher, hopefully the coop "bugs" will get removed in due time, it will without a doubt get a ton of patch's!

SOD_Delta1965d ago

7/10 sounds about right

Bumpmapping1965d ago

Good score for a mediocre game.

Eiffel1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

*Reads comment*

*Looks at avatar*


Irony is too damn funny.

ninjaman9991965d ago


I have had the game for 2 days now and the game is a dream come true in terms of an open world zombie survival horror game so cut that shit out. Im a huge PC and PS3 gamer but shitting on every game that's not a Sony title is ignorant.
We want the games, not the brand...

nycredude1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

I've been playing Resistance 3 for a couple days now. When it is all said and done scores will show it to be the superb game and Dead Island a decent first effort with too many problems.

What irony. Been playing resistance 3 for a while and it's fantastic. Got a Halflife/resistance 1 feel to it.

ninjaman9991964d ago

While I am waiting for my copy of resistance 3 to come in the mail (I loved the first one) I do respect Sony greatly for giving us teh games we want (ala Infamous 2 which ROCKED) but in the mean time, awesome and valiant efforts like this should not be so overlooked due to minor technical hindrances :3