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Console Domination: Deus Ex: Human Revolution 2nd Opinion Review

Console Domination writes: The first question I asked myself when playing this game was a simple one: how in the world do I pronounce it? Well the answer was not so simple with nerds all around producing different pronunciations from Juice-X to Dooos Ex. Ignoring these nerds I headed over to my trusty dictionary.com where they say it can be pronounced as both Dee-uhs, or Dey-uhs depending on your pleasure. (Deus Ex: Human Revolution, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 7.5/10

JIG  +   1210d ago
"Alex Jenson" (Adam Jenson) Was He nodding off while playing this game for the first time or what?
JellyJelly  +   1210d ago
Adam Jensen, even. :)
Just_Gamer  +   1210d ago
"The first question I asked myself when playing this game was a simple one: how in the world do I pronounce it?"

What? Don't they teach you Latin in the western schools anymore? I grew up in Yugoslavia and I had Latin in school.

And then they wonder why the West is falling apart.

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