Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton mooted as stars of Kane and Lynch Movie

Lionsgate, the Hollywood studio, is fast-tracking a movie based on the next video game franchise from the developers of Lara Croft.

The independent filmmaker has bought the rights to Kane & Lynch: Dead Men from Eidos, the publisher owned by the London-listed games group SCi. The project marks the first time a studio has bet on making a major game-based film before the release of the game itself.

Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton are said to be in the running to play Kane and Lynch, two escapees from death row - one "a flawed mercenary", the other "a medicated psychopath". The game is due for release next Friday.

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predator3904d ago

that could be interesting.

MK_Red3904d ago

Nice find.
Agreed but both actors seem a bit too nice for the role. For Lynch, I'd suggest Josh Brolin (Doc Brok of Grindhouse: Planet Terror) and for Kane, Willis could be a good Kane some good make-up though.

maggotmx3903d ago

=O!! YES! holy crap bruce Willis is the sh*t!! yippie ka yaya mofokr =)

bym051d3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

Oh come on... they already did a movie where they were criminal partners. It's called Bandits.

Can Hollywood please try to do something fresh?

socomnick3904d ago

They did change , bruce willis no longer has hair.

malingenie3904d ago

I was gonna say that, its pretty awkward. Highly pigeonholed.

Neurotoxin3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

I hear Matt Damon is going to be playing Master Chef.

Ho Ho Ho, yes i`m aware i spelt chief wrong.

skagrerrrr3904d ago

matt damon is going to play... jason bourne?

Hades13373904d ago

but good luck in actually convincing two big Hollywood actors to star in a video-game adaption, no matter how much it resembles a movie.

jlytle12343904d ago

i doubt anything comes of this since theres a writers strike and nothing in hollywood is getting penned or even thinking about penning a draft.

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