Joystiq: Dead Island review: In need of brains

Dead Island is probably the most realistic recreation of the inevitable and oncoming zombie apocalypse in video game history. It's typified by desperation, sacrifice, frustration, terror and the overbearing sense of hopelessness.

But there's a catch. Though the zombie apocalypse may occasionally be grimly satisfying or fleetingly triumphant when you survive another night, there's one thing it almost certainly won't be.

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bumnut2449d ago

I love zombie games so I getting it anyway. Dead Rising had major flaws too, but I still enjoyed it.

Ocean2449d ago

Yeah same here, i'll be picking this up hopefully this week

Silly gameAr2449d ago

These freaking reviews are so confusing.

Omar912449d ago

Al the reviews seem very positive but for some reason I don't see what they see. Yea its the closes realistic zombie game, but the combat is what turns me off about the game. Everything else seems solid. That and the annoying side comment ls that girl says when in combat.

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