IGN's Greg Miller Wrong Again - Dead Island Review WTF!

T-Hill writes:

On this episode of GAMER-0 we will explore the sad excuse of a rushed review done by IGN's own Greg Miller for Dead Island. With so many broken and questionable reviews provided by IGN over the years one has to think is now the time to call them out.

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JoGam2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Damn Hip Hop, where you been? Long time no see! OK so I seen the video review, but a 8 is not bad. Personally I leave IGN alone now. I tend to take everyone review then make my own opinion.

Nitrowolf22482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

I hate the fact that an 8 is seen as bad. I think people need to know that this isn't high school grading. And F is usually a 65 below because he doesn't meet certain the requirements. Games don't really have a requirements. Yes many people want amazing gameplay and amazing story, but not all games can go that. Does a 6 make a game bad? It's def. playable and not completely broken.

I don't think
School grades = Game grades

It just doesn't work like that. There are tons of games with an F grade then.

And really a score today is just used whether it's a day one buy (or just a buy) or not. Most people end up renting these titles only to end up liking them.

Not defending the review they did, but people need to stop complaining that an 8 is barely a pass. Last i remember at D is a grade above F and a C is after a D. B is the safezone. IDK why he says a B is barely passing.

vglulz2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Well said, good sir. Couldn't have put it better myself.

rdgneoz32481d ago

With school grades, depends. US school grades are like that. Was checking, and ... "Tokyo University - F, meaning almost zero percent."

dark-hollow2482d ago

Since when 8 is mediocre????

NukaCola2482d ago

Since when is a C a failing score in school?

alster232482d ago

oh no n4gers you must choose a side IGN or HHG the fate of the gaming industry is in your hands...

WhiteLightning2482d ago

The review was pretty poor

It's sad to see someone who has a good job like that (something people would love to do) and he just dosen't care about seems he's in it for the special perks it brings and he's become tierd of it over the years.

wolokowoh2481d ago

They just had a Game Scoop panel about this. Download Game Scoop 214. It addresses issues such as IGN haters and explains their reviewing system. It also goes into the misconceptions that you yourself just typed. He gave some details, told people how fun it was fun, and told you the only problems he saw where presentation and story that didn't keep his interest. He gave a concise opinion which is what the IGN reviewing system has been for months. If you don't like that short, scarcely detailed, and concise system, you need to go to a site that gives you those details in favor of a longer review. Clements even said on Podcast Unlocked that the only reason he gave Bodycount a 6 is because it was okay and "Okay" on the IGN scale is a 6. On other site's review scale, he might have given it a higher score. The reviewer has to use that scale.

vglulz2482d ago

Please stop making videos.

Chaostar2482d ago

Hip hop gamer looks different, did he get a new haircut?

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