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IGN's Greg Miller Wrong Again - Dead Island Review WTF!

T-Hill writes:

On this episode of GAMER-0 we will explore the sad excuse of a rushed review done by IGN's own Greg Miller for Dead Island. With so many broken and questionable reviews provided by IGN over the years one has to think is now the time to call them out. (Dead Island, IGN, Industry, PS3, Xbox 360)

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JoGam  +   1109d ago
Damn Hip Hop, where you been? Long time no see! OK so I seen the video review, but a 8 is not bad. Personally I leave IGN alone now. I tend to take everyone review then make my own opinion.
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Nitrowolf2  +   1109d ago
I hate the fact that an 8 is seen as bad. I think people need to know that this isn't high school grading. And F is usually a 65 below because he doesn't meet certain the requirements. Games don't really have a requirements. Yes many people want amazing gameplay and amazing story, but not all games can go that. Does a 6 make a game bad? It's def. playable and not completely broken.

I don't think
School grades = Game grades

It just doesn't work like that. There are tons of games with an F grade then.

And really a score today is just used whether it's a day one buy (or just a buy) or not. Most people end up renting these titles only to end up liking them.

Not defending the review they did, but people need to stop complaining that an 8 is barely a pass. Last i remember at D is a grade above F and a C is after a D. B is the safezone. IDK why he says a B is barely passing.
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vglulz  +   1109d ago
Well said, good sir. Couldn't have put it better myself.
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rdgneoz3  +   1109d ago
With school grades, depends. US school grades are like that. Was checking, and ... "Tokyo University - F, meaning almost zero percent."
dark-hollow  +   1109d ago
Since when 8 is mediocre????
NukaCola  +   1109d ago
Since when is a C a failing score in school?
alster23  +   1109d ago
oh no n4gers you must choose a side IGN or HHG the fate of the gaming industry is in your hands...
TheClown  +   1109d ago
I never asked for this...

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newn4gguy  +   1109d ago
I LOST it!

WhiteLightning  +   1109d ago
The review was pretty poor

It's sad to see someone who has a good job like that (something people would love to do) and he just dosen't care about it....it seems he's in it for the special perks it brings and he's become tierd of it over the years.
wolokowoh  +   1109d ago
They just had a Game Scoop panel about this. Download Game Scoop 214. It addresses issues such as IGN haters and explains their reviewing system. It also goes into the misconceptions that you yourself just typed. He gave some details, told people how fun it was fun, and told you the only problems he saw where presentation and story that didn't keep his interest. He gave a concise opinion which is what the IGN reviewing system has been for months. If you don't like that short, scarcely detailed, and concise system, you need to go to a site that gives you those details in favor of a longer review. Clements even said on Podcast Unlocked that the only reason he gave Bodycount a 6 is because it was okay and "Okay" on the IGN scale is a 6. On other site's review scale, he might have given it a higher score. The reviewer has to use that scale.
vglulz  +   1109d ago
Please stop making videos.
Chaostar  +   1109d ago
Hip hop gamer looks different, did he get a new haircut?
battyschlaps122  +   1109d ago
This video is almost as stupid as Greg's review.
alster23  +   1109d ago
ahh so i see you read it?
BrianG  +   1109d ago
The one thing I agree with without a doubt is that a game should be finished before the review is done.

I strongly believe that you can't review a game fairly unless you have finished it.

What comes to mind is IGN's review of GT5. While not terrible, it was shocking that the review only considered up to level 4 (At least from what I hear). That is excluding a lot of events, races, cars, etc...

But as for the grade, an 8 being barely passing? In school a C is average, a C is about a 7.5. Barely passing would be a 7 or 6.5 if we are going on School Grade scales. But like Nitro said, game scores do not reflect School Grades.
Nitrowolf2  +   1109d ago
Games should be completed before they are reviewed.I always finish my games before I write my final thoughts. It saddens me to see that these guys are out to rush their review, but to be fair they did receive the game nearly a month ahead.
but still.
Michael-Jackson  +   1109d ago
I like his reviews so no hating from me.

WTF is this shit?

Have you played more Dead Island than GM? I doubt it.
How do you know this review is rushed?
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knowledge4lfe  +   1109d ago
if you actually read or listened to his review , greg says he's only 20 hours in and he's basically just running around. therefore i dont think he has finished the game
firelogic  +   1109d ago
He finished the game. And he gave it an 8. A game that none of you have actually played so I don't really understand how you can praise/denounce his review score. YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED IT!!!
wolokowoh  +   1109d ago
Listen to Game Scoop 215 or just read the review. 25 hours to beat the game if you don't do all the sidequests. On Game Scoop 215 within the first 10 minutes he said he had beaten the game with the girl who is good with knives and started with some black guy if I remember right.
newn4gguy  +   1109d ago
An 80 was a B in his school?!?!?!?!?!

Dang it, my school system was strict! An 80 was a D for us. Haha. Luckily, my college has an 80 as a B though. ;)
cstyle  +   1109d ago
Dumb video. A review is only someones opinion of a game. Get over it. I will believe IGN over HHG any day.
newn4gguy  +   1109d ago
I agree completely!

"Fallout with zombies." is a pretty BIG selling point for me!

It's Fallout with zombies...and better action! THAT is brilliant!
Rampaged Death  +   1109d ago
On one hand I can see where he's coming from. On the other though a 8 is a great score for a new IP.
JonnyBigBoss  +   1109d ago
IGN is absolute shit.
brew  +   1109d ago
Eight is great ..... it even rhymes!

Pretty much anything 8 or above means one should consider it if one likes the genre.
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iNFAMOUZ1  +   1109d ago
I thought the review was rushed also, it sucked, im sure the full game deserves at least a 8.9 or even higher!, ill judge for myself like I always have this tuesday, fuck reviews.
JozzyV1  +   1109d ago
You can say he's "wrong", reviews are based on opinions, and opinions can't be wrong unless they go against facts. He didn't say the opposite of anything we know to be fact. This video is even more idiotic becausenyoure judging his opinion of a game you haven't played, and therefore should have no opinion of your own rebasing it.
RyuDrinksTheDew  +   1109d ago
wow, im sorry, this guy thinks his opinion means a lot, and he sits there and says that an 8 is barely getting by. 8 is a good score.

i agree the that the review rushed, but he is just ranting.

also, greg* didnt say he beat it in 20 hours.

he said he was 20 hours in and still gets a rush from zombies rushing him.

this guy needs to chill out.
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Serjikal_Strike  +   1109d ago
HHG stand-in obviously doesn't know how to score if he thinks a "B" score barely passes...

wow...this guy is an idiot...I actually prefer HHG instead of this moron...cant believe I just said that! haha
Beastradamus  +   1109d ago
Does this guy realize that a B is a good grade. He acts like a C is failing. Hell, you can pass with a D.
Pozzle  +   1109d ago
I remember the days when an 8/10 meant "this game has minor issues, but YOU MUST STILL BUY ITTTT!"
bujasem_89  +   1109d ago
wxactky!! WTF!! 8 is a good score to me.. 7 is when u think about getting or not.. and i feel that that is wrong too.. not all ok-good games should get 9's WTF.. 9 should just be for legendary games like Seriously!
Xenial  +   1109d ago
Since when are 8's bad? If anything an 8 is really good. 7's on the other hand..

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