Uncharted: Golden Abyss Looks Better Than PS3 launch titles

GB : That’s right folks. Don’t believe us? Uncharted: Golden Abyss is shaping up to be really impressive and is being developed by Bend studios.

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units2451d ago

PS3 launch titles are running at much huger resolution

Karooo2451d ago

Doesnt matter. The end image quality means a lot. Still Uncharted Drake's Fortune is 720p, and Vita is close to that Resolution. Not much but still it's close.

fluffydelusions2451d ago

It doesn't matter to the people playing but from a technical standpoint he/she (units) is correct.

Micro_Sony2451d ago

Question: What type of screen is the VITA using? Is it an OLED screen.

MaxXAttaxX2451d ago

I think it's already looking better than many PS3 launch titles.

Not precisely UC:DF though, because it wasn't a launch title(came out almost a year after PS3 launch).

tgh machines2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

@micro_sony, it uses an oled multitouch screen.

Sub4Dis2451d ago

This is why it should be release on ps3. the vita is gonna crash n burn. put it on ps3 so the rest of us can play it.

TheIneffableBob2451d ago

Actually, 1280x720 is nearly double the number of pixels as 960x544.

bruddahmanmatt2451d ago

I don't care if it's a handheld or if it's the PS3's "little brother", given the number of technical advancements there have been over the past five years, I'd almost expect games on the Vita to look as good if not slightly better than what the PS3 originally launched with back in '06.

Steve_02451d ago

TheIneffableBob is right,
1920*720 = 921,600 pixels
960*540 = 522,240 pixels

In other words, U:DF run natively at 1.76 times the amount of pixels of the Vita's screen, and we don't know for sure that Golden Abyss is running at native resolution on the vita yet (no reason it shouldn't be).

Masta_fro2451d ago


I kid i kid...

no wait, I'm serious, screw you fanboys, it does look better.

There. I said it.

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Jio2451d ago

That's irrelevant, only matters how it looks on the screen because since it has no video output nobody will be playing it on a huge HD TV.

Bull5hifT2451d ago

When the hackers eventually find a way to get video out ... Cant they find a way to get a game that runs 60FPS to output at 1080p at 30FPS.....battlefield and Call Of Duty gonna be cool on the go.... All i want is for Call of Duty 4 to be ported to this and ill be super happy, and GTA San Andreas would be cool remake on this

Pedobear Rocks2450d ago

Has it been confirmed yet that it wont wirelessly throw its signal to your TV via the PS3 or Bravia Wifi tv?

specialguest2451d ago

Lair proved this. I could name several 720p games that looks better than the true 1080p Lair.

LiViNgLeGaCY2451d ago

I still thought Lair was a beautiful game though...

Darkfocus2451d ago

it actually does...if a game was running 1080p with the exact same graphics and framerate as at 720p it would look better in 1080p.

specialguest2451d ago

True, but thats different from the point I was making.

mr_epsym_knird2451d ago

Cause Uncharted Golden Abyss is running on guess what? A handheld.

TheXonySbox2451d ago

not even CLOSE!

Dont see how any of those screens can compete with any PS3 title.

showtimefolks2451d ago

uncharted fans will pick up VITA and hopefully at launch UC with it

2451d ago
newn4gguy2451d ago

I am, so I'd really like if you people would purchase these. ;)

rezzah2450d ago

I would for sure, but i would look forward to a MH title.

It would almost be like a tradition since I bought my first PSP along with MHFreedom on the day it came out.

guitar_nerd_232450d ago

More PSV's sold directly translates to more dev support so it's to the benefit of anyone whos going to own one.

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JsonHenry2451d ago

Looks good and certainly comparable to launch titles for the PS3 regardless of whether or not you think it looks better it is certainly within the same league.

Obelisk922451d ago

5 Pages?

Gamingbolt strikes again...

knifefight2451d ago

Yeah I have no idea why people still click Gamingbolt.
I suppose it's the reason Day-1 DLC still makes huge money: people don't think.

cyborg69712451d ago

Doesn't matter what the rez is on a screen that size.

subtenko2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

We've come a long way in gaming! Never would I have thought to think about or expect the PSVita back when I was little and had a gameboy advance color... still pissed off that I lost it in a mcdonalds playhouse >:( but thats another story..

p.s. LOL @ the dudes typo below. "Warhank" xD

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

Tsar4ever012451d ago

Does anybody acknowledge that the PSVita actually has MORE TOTAL SYSTEM RAM than the ps3?

512MB + 128MB dedicated VRAM

That right there tells me that psvita titles should be able to match or maybe even surpass ps3's titles running 720p or better, at LEAST TEXTURE WISE.....

a08andan2450d ago

That is true, but you have to consider the amount of pixels/inch. The Vita has (960*544)/5 = 104448 pixels per inch. The Vita screen is 5 inches.

If the ps3 is hooked up to a, lets say, 42' TV, the amount of pixel per inch is (most games run in 720p):
(1280*720)/42 = 21943.

Conclusion: The Vita has almost 5 times the amount of pixels/inch that the ps3 has. That is why the games on the Vita will look amazing early in its lifetime, if the proper work is put into it ofc.

killcycle2450d ago

It's still handheld, amazing but still a small handheld device so it's obviously in no way going to out do the Ps3 in terms of graphics, processing power Polygons and pretty much everything else.

The most amazing thing about the Vita is the Cross game chat and 3G online anywhere you go!

Day 1

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-Alpha2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

It's mighty impressive but I see some low res textures which Drake's Fortune does not seem to have

Launch titles like Warhawk also still look better while doing a lot more too.

e-p-ayeaH2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

Warhank was a launch title?

gameseveryday2451d ago

Drake's Fortune came out in 2007, and the PS3 came out in 2007 as well in the EU; so yeah, it can be called a launch title or atleast a first generation ps3 title.

-Alpha2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

My bad...wait, Uncharted wasn't a launch title either, was it?

ASTAROTH2451d ago

Dont call them launch titles... call them first gen PS3 games. Anyway it doesnt matter the screen and a few low res textures. Compared to what portables can or cant do the VITA is a very awesome piece of tech...

ginsunuva2451d ago

No. Warhawk came out Aug 2007 I think.

hiredhelp2451d ago

Resistance fall of man first title next best game was heavenly swaord

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Jio2451d ago

Can't wait, already have it pre-ordered. The only thing I don't like is that I couldn't pre-order the white one, at least at Gamestop.

GamersRulz2451d ago

uncharted wasn't a launch title for PS3, was it?

remanutd552451d ago

nop Resistance Fall of Man was though

SonyStyled2451d ago

so was call od duty 3 and i think the game with the "giant enemy crab"

Blaine2451d ago

Resistance Fall of Man is the reason I got a PS3 at launch! Glad I did too.

jack who2451d ago

put it on a 47+in tv and see how it looks than

Jio2451d ago

Incorrect use of "than" and you fail to understand that it's a handheld, not a console.

Why o why2451d ago

true but i feel they just mean comparatively. Better than the wii games, thats for sure

Peaceful_Jelly2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

it still going to look fine, the PS Vita screen res is 960×544 not that far away from 1280x720. I mean, Call of Duty games run at 1024x600 you know. =/

Future Vita revisions need an HDMI!

pain777pas2451d ago

The PS Vita is a platform that will evolve in future iterations. 3d and hdmi out versions are to makes us buy more than one. But your absolutely right. They just have to make money off it before throwing the kitchen sink.

Steve_02451d ago

1280*720 is almost double the resolution (in pixels) compared to 960*544. Don't believe me? Do the maths. Or, if you're lazy, look up at my last post.
Now, do we need 1280*720 on a 5 inch screen? No, not really. The pixel density (ppi) at that resolution will be much higher than on any regular hdtv because the screen is much smaller. That said, you're also likely to be closer to it. Look at the iPhone 4's screen, at 960*640 it's not too much higher than the vita, and is considerably lower than even 720p, yet because of the screen size it is one of the sharpest displays around. I do wish the vita had at least matched the iPhone though.

Besides that, resolution isn't the be all end all of gaming graphics. Games often run at lower than native resolution to improve framerate, apply better ant-aliasing, use v-sync to eliminate screen tearing (a big problem for the original Uncharted), etc.

Mike_Tha_Hero2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

Completely amazes me what will earn you a disagree here. His grammar aside, the guy's overall point is correct. Redundant, but correct.

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