Marisa Miller talks Call of Duty and her favorite Guitar Hero track

Playing host to an event celebrating one of the industry's biggest first-person shooters isn't exactly hazard-proof.

While model and actress Marisa Miller was playing paintball inside a real-world recreation of a Call of Duty map, she slammed into a corner and hurt her eye.

"It's no joke. It's definitely not a video game," jokes Miller. "And I can attest to that because I hurt myself."

Miller is hosting a series of streaming videos for Activision as part of the Call of Duty XP fan event in Los Angeles, which runs through Saturday and gives visitors first crack at the upcoming game Modern Warfare 3.

Prior to the event's Friday kickoff, Miller spent a few minutes chatting with Game Hunters about COD and her favorite Guitar Hero song.

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JellyJelly2629d ago

Viral marketing ftw. Put words in mouth.

"the graphics and the way it's done is amazing."

"My dad is very safe. He camps out behind a wall and waits for the right moment. My husband is super methodical. He's actually really, really good."

The interview is so scripted it hurts to read.

Ayepecks2629d ago

Damn, what is it with geeks that they can't accept when a female celebrity likes video games? Is it really that foreign of a concept to you?

Of course she's going to say positive things about something she's promoting. But it doesn't sound scripted anymore than what my female friends would say about a video game they play.

All this crap about 'women don't play videogames' is why geeks can't pick up women. You buy it when a male celebrity says something positive, but not a female celebrity... really?

lizard812882629d ago

oh activision, like hot chicks play video games.

gcolley2628d ago

could you be any more obvious activision?

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