5 Reasons why Battlefield 3 will eventually topple Modern Warfare 3 this fall

All around the internets, on the Twitter and Facebook you can find the constant battle over which is better or which will be better or how sales are going to shake out or even just plain disgust at the debate taking place.

These might be a few reasons so as to why BF3 will eventually get the final laugh over MW3.

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ilovepsvita2634d ago

I definitely prefer BF3 over MW3.

Coz I already own COD 4.

beastgamer2634d ago

DICE > New IW (I had some luv for the makers of COD4)
Europe's Cars > American Cars

zeeshan2634d ago

The quality of the game shows in the trailers. You watch MW3 trailer and it's like same crap every year. Been there done that stuff but with BF3. It looks new and looks like DICE did a lot of hard work. So if not for their hard work, at least for the competition's sake. I hope BF3 or any other game for that matter - topples the COD franchise. Maybe this way, Activision will be forced to actually make their devs work their asses off to give us fresh new games that deserve attention.

Theonetheonly2634d ago

Dont need five reasons all you need is this

"Roll the tape tony!"

iamnsuperman2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

That may be true but it doesn't excuse this story for being of extremely low in quality. A fanboy has sat down and written rubbish. "It seems that Infinity Ward have failed miserably in generating any kind of hype even after revealing the first ever Multiplayer trailer of MW3." Huh??? Where did he get that from. I assume he goes on sites like this and that is it. News flash this is a very small proportion of those who buy the game. Again with "Activision Hatred" majorty of people who buy COD do not hate or even care for Activison. The last one tops it. We have no idea which one is quality because we haven't exactly played it yet. One looks better than the other. That is all I can tell because I haven't played any of them

Please write an article with actual valid points. Number 2 is a joke and I am not sure what is going on with number 4. I am not sure where this "war" has come from but enough is enough. This is getting stupid now

MAJ0R2634d ago

yeah but BF3 won't overtake MW3, especially since EA are intentionally crippling their sales by not putting the game on Steam

Ranshak2634d ago

Havent bought the game yet, since its not released on Steam. 3 other friends are still waiting too. EA are only crippling their own sales.

Mr Tretton2634d ago

Just buy a friggin disc.

Caleb_1412634d ago

To be fair you could just buy the game off of origin if digital download is your only option - even then I think Direct 2 Drive and other such digital retailers have the game available too.

Just because BF3 isn't on steam that shouldn't stop you from missing out on what's looking to be a truly brilliant game. Just do the usual non-steam game process of linking the application to steam and calling it what you want - in this case Battlefield 3.

You'll be able to play with all your friends on steam even though you dont own a steam copy of the game.

Not ideal but it solves your problems

Pikajew2634d ago

Does it really matter?

If you like BF so much than stop talking about CoD and bashing it. You make BF fans look bad and CoD fans look good because I never see COD fans bashing BF.

TheDareDevil2634d ago

Agreed. Not even going to give this website hits. There have been way too many articles about this with the same rehashed points used over and over again

Ser2634d ago

"I never see COD fans bashing BF."

Wow. Where were you during the release of Black Ops?


or the release of BF3 and MW3 for that matter.

Elwenil2634d ago

I take it he's never seen Raven post anywhere.

artdafoo2634d ago

COD boyz can't bash BF3 cuz they got nothing stand except the " we only see PC footage " argument.

Ricardoportillo042634d ago

they do bash on BF3 but the only thing they can come up with is "Oh well Call of Duty has 60 FPS"

KingZFlipper2634d ago

Then you haven't seen Inside_Out on N4G

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shreeveera2634d ago

Is it only me or the Graphics from Multiplayer of MW3 looks almost identical to MW2, charater skins being the only exception.
I expected Weapons to be more detailed somehow they look the same!?

ambientFLIER2632d ago

Why did you expect the weapons to be more detailed than MW2, when they already looked great?

Hufandpuf2634d ago

I'm a Battlefield fan, but this is a troll article.

Bladesfist2634d ago

Agreed it seemed to be taking a dig at cod just as much as at the xbox 360.

casuaIGAM3R2634d ago

Yep, thats why I'm eventually gonna play/buy both games. Obviously get BF3 first :D

ilovepsvita2634d ago

Yeah..I used to be a hardcore Cod fan on my Ps3 until the extremely Laggy Black Ops... No matter what Im gonna buy both the games. Bf3 will be first since its releasing next month.

geniusgamerdoc2634d ago

Will battlefield 3 have Clans and Custom matchmaking and Tournaments similar to Killzone 2 ?

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