xBox Live Rewards is now available in Australia

Xbox LIVE Rewards had been restricted to UK and US residents but now Australian ( and perhaps New Zealand ) users can enjoy the benefits of the programme. Of course the reward options might be a bit different across all regions but the core aspects should be the same. You can earn Rewards Points for doing what you do best : having fun on xBox Live ( and completing surveys ).

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SixZeroFour2630d ago

wow, they go from US and UK (which is understandable cause its the 2 bigger markets for the 360) and go to austrailia, but skip passed canada (which i would assume is also a big market for 360) canadian 360 users always get looked passed and ripped off

here in vancouver canada, we have the option to buy 1400 msp for $19.99 but theres 2 things to note (maybe 3)
1. it isnt the 1600 that is offered in US
2. at this point in time, the CDN is of higher value than USD, so we are actually paying for more and getting less
3. *debatable* some provinces pay higher taxes