How To Access Debug Menu In Deus Ex: Human Revolution

The Debug Menu allows you to manipulate the game (no health regen, infinite power, infinite ammo, AI options, UI options) and has a “Shop” feature, which lets you spawn yourself augmentations, money, weapons, weapon mods and other in-game items, as well as tons of debug options which you probably should leave alone.

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BiggCMan2630d ago

See it would have been a nice read, with good information in it if the author did not put "PC Wins Again". This is just implying that he is an immature fanboy. That is not necessary, if that was left out of the article I would have simply said "This is cool to know" and it is cool, but the other piece was just stupid.

BakedGoods2630d ago

Yep. Interesting find, but the site's definitely doing it 4 teh hitz.

BiggCMan2630d ago

Indeed. I do really look forward to this game though, and this is something I would like to try when I get it. I'm currently building a computer for the first time, and I am new to PC gaming in general so it will be a great experience for me. However, I do know the advantages that come with PC gaming, but I will not laugh at the inferior technologies and possibilities of consoles.

kamakaz3md2630d ago

when did it win the first time? ohh boy, u can hack stuff on a pc... i still wanna see exclusives from the PC that push that so called more power they pack... cause i never see any exclusives. Because devs know they wont make money.

Ranshak2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

Only console kids care about exclusives so they can brag about their favorite console. In the end really it only happens to be a handful of games worth playing in the entire year.

However even if it is a question of exclusives PC has more of those then any console. This year alone we have:

Shogun 2
Dawn of war 2 retribution
Witcher 2
Red orchestra 2
Hard reset

Battle field 3 is like a PC exclusive since its a completely different game then the console version.

Include the Indie scene into the above list and i would say PC easily has the largest list of exclusives this year.

Exclusives aside 90% of games released are multiplat, all of them run and look better on the PC While most of them are also cheaper on the PC. Which in the long run makes PC the most economic platform to own.

Pacman3212630d ago

Im sorry but all the pc exclusives you named i couldn't care less about. There are no games like ico, sotc, mgs4, uncharted and demons souls on the pc. Maybe you could of bragged about Half life a few years a go but even that is on consoles now. The only thing i hear from pc gamers these days are that they have better graphics, but for me the graphics are good enough on consoles.

Ranshak2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

I could say pretty much the same thing for the games you listed. If you think games like Witcher 2 or Shogun2 arent good id like to have some of what you are smoking.

BTW ICO & SOTC both run on PC via emulation(provided you own a license to the game). Good luck running any of those on the PS3 slim without paying Sony for a remake to a game you already own lol.

kamakaz3md2629d ago

those are your big exclusives? lmao... those games show no power what so ever... i dont understand why the pc doesnt have any exclusives that look better then crysis 1 or 2.

Hicken2630d ago

Again? And people wonder why console owners react the way they do. Please tell me in what universe this was even necessary.

ninjaman9992630d ago

Red Orchestra 2
Hard Reset
The Witcher 2
Crysis 1 and Warhead
Stalker Series
Arma series
and quite a few more but the fact6 of the matter is PC has alot of AMAZING exclusive games (The whole Stalker series was gaming heaven for me personally) and almost every multiplat release looks FAR better when maxed out in settings. Plus almost all PC games when maxed have no screen tearing, beautiful 60 fps frame rates that make some games (Battlefield Bad Company 2 gave 2 of my friends headaches when played on console but they enjoyed it on my rig) playable to people who get headaches and motion sickness from 30 fps games.
There are many benefits but people of the casual sort are not willing to build a 1400 dollar rig (Which will play everything today, I guarantee you) and set up all the software and everything to enjoy this level of quality. Not only that but pc games are VERY cheap when you consider this.
I got Deus Ex for 34 bucks on release (Supposed to be 50), I have Red Orchestra 2 for 27 pre order (Supposed to be 40)
I have Dead Island on pre order for 34 (supposed to be 50)
And these are all from
Then I have Warhammer Space Marine pre ordered form 38 (Supposed to be 50) as well as the new Serious Sam 3 for 29 (Supposed to be 40)
So when you consider the costs as well as the dirt cheap games on steam, your overall costs go down in terms of a hard core gamer who plays alot of titles.
Plus certain games like Battlefield 3 are not limited by the consoles abilities on a PC because devs know PCs are usually capable of handling this.
Not to mention the low or medium graphical setting on all multiplat games is the console version so when maxed, PC always win in terms of quality.
I have a PC and PS3 and while I love ma playstation (OMFGYAYDARKSOULSI LOVE YOUUUUUU) the difference in the experience is usually very different and more pleasant.
Just my 2 cents...

beastgamer2630d ago

you can see more on this video

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