Resistance 3 Day One Patch Is Big. And Early.

Sixthaxis: Resistance 3 is out pretty soon, and the promised ‘day one’ patch for the game, which will obviously await your time and attention if you’re picking up the game next week, is now out for anyone that has the game early – or, like us, is battling their way through it for review.
It’s a whopper, though – 656MB for the European version of the patch, which is currently crawling through my rather rural connection just now.

That’s in addition to the game’s install, which takes considerably longer than the introductory video sequence (which is lovely, mind) is supposed to mask.

Quite what a patch of that size is actually updating is anyone’s guess, if we get a changelog on boot we’ll update this post but it was previously just a rather vague ‘updates and tweaks’ and is presumably just fixes to the multiplayer based on beta feedback.

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TheMrMadzen2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

That's not big at all!
Who dislikes updates??

ManiacMansion2634d ago ShowReplies(7)
chriski3332634d ago

656 mb update ha no problem downloads in 45sec

kaveti66162634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

good for you.

It takes about an hour for me because AT&T is a terrible ISP.

Edit: Hour and a half.

Peaceful_Jelly2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

half an hour and that is if a connection error doesn't happen and then it'll be a full hour! =(

zeeshan2633d ago

Two words: "NOT COOL!" Why do they keep patching things? This never happened back in PS2 days. Devs used to take time and iron out bugs. It's not the download size, it's the fact that all devs are lazy now! ALL OF THEM!

kikizoo2633d ago

Are you nuts zeeshan ?

before the "update" era, when a game had bugs, gameplay problems, etc : you played with it until the end !

updates are a real good thing for games and gamers, even if you wait sometime, it's way better than bugs, or "new corrected version" to buy.

Karum2633d ago

I don't think Insomniac are a studio that can be accused of being lazy by any stretch of the imagination.

What happens with day one patches is normally the game goes gold meaning it is ready for pressing onto discs but after that they find out about some kind of critical bug that didn't previously show up through play-testing, internal bug testing or in the beta.

A day one patch means that before you get to play the game it is ready to work as intended so you get the best possible experience.

Sure it sucks balls having to download and install a large patch because you have to wait even longer to play, I have a 50Mbps cable connection which chews through updates but it still sucks having to wait that extra time but I'd prefer that instead of playing a buggy game.

An ideal world would see us needing no bug fixing patches ever but there is no software in existence that ships without any bugs and the day you find a company that produces a software product free of bugs or glitches is the day you truly get to call a developer lazy.

Jezuz2633d ago

An hour ? It takes a night for me.

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RedHotChiliPepaSpray2633d ago

What i dont understand is when people say games like cod dont get a beta and dont get updated because the devs are lazy/dont care etc ... but when a dev actually does it too make the game better you still get people who complain.

Insomniac used the beta to see what issues the game had in the multiplayer and now with this patch they are FIXING THESE ISSUES.

This isnt a case of them rushing the game and putting it out before it was ready, this is them making the game, testing it, getting feedback and fixing it DAY 1! insead of the issues being prolonged throughout the games release.

you really cant please everyone can you eh?

TKCMuzzer2633d ago

Maybe it's the COD fans complaining. Maybe they just can't get their head round a developer providing a patch that fixes things for when you buy the game.
Well done Insomniac for providing a beta and for making sure my day one will be better than many others I have experienced.

Daz2633d ago

But why does the game need a patch on the first day ;/ it shouldnt need one really. But it does show they support there games.

andibandit2633d ago


Wow, that was some thorough ass licking, did you find any polyps while you were up there?

TacoTaru2633d ago

Fixing the issues is part of making the software, not something to be done after you announce is as finished and ready for sale. You seem to celebrate shoddy software because it will be "fixed" shortly after you buy it.

RedHotChiliPepaSpray2633d ago

The disks were made and a patch was always going to come after the beta test was finished.

The way to fix the issues and make the game better was to beta test and get feedback. They couldnt fix the issues without the beta being done. This whole process was part of making R3s multiplayer and making it better. These updates couldnt be put on the disks because they were already printed.

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showtimefolks2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

and who cares this patch is gonna fix what we playing the beta thought needed to be fixed so what i rather have them fix the game day one rather than ONE YEAR LATER LIKE FALLOUT NEW VEGAS

and all you guys who troll with one bubble than sign on with your 10 other accounts only to click agree and give yourself bubbles lol get a life get a ps3 if you are a true gamer unless MS is paying you to stay away

this deep into this gen every game should have xbox360 and ps3

Rynx2633d ago

lol awwwww how cute all of these haters talking smack about the game and yadda yadda yadda when they weren't even going to buy it to begin with.

I got the game, since yesterday and all I got to say is... Holy shit!

hiredhelp2633d ago

Anyone else in uk found this game very laggy. on the MP
baring in mine i have a good IP virgin media 50mb with 1.5mb upload ratio

subtenko2633d ago

It just sucks when you dont know about the updates/expect them cause your all like "yeaaaa Ima play this game NOW! update! -_- couldnt stayed on my computer longer if I knew about this..."

Im pretty sure everyone just wants a heads up at any rate..

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

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blackburn102634d ago

If it fixes everything okay. Just going to have to make some room.

kneon2633d ago

It's software so I can guarantee the patch won't fix everything, there is always something that needs fixing or improving. That's just the nature of the beast.

BrightFalls762634d ago

Oh good, another rushed to market game.

newn4gguy2634d ago

Rushed to market? This has been in production for over two years and the multi-player beta is the best I've played this generation. They wanted to make sure they got it absolutely right...and trust me...they have. :)

Don't troll.

supersonicjerry2634d ago

The Beta is terrible the most epic lag people walking through walls, walking in the sky like come on I have a Ethernet cable with high speed internet and all that was happening like that beta is terrible. Now the single player is great and I already know that but when it comes to multi-player its terrible.

rdgneoz32634d ago

@supersonicjerry I've yet to see people walk through the sky. And only thing I can think of for walls, is from people using the doppelganger ability or such (image of yourself a few feet away) since you can side step and it'll go into a wall or fence or such.

As for the patch, when they do a beta right before the release (basically till 2 days before the retail version is released) to fix all the bugs, they're not gonna have time make up all the copies and ship them out to retailers in time.

jdfoster2633d ago

two years? no. It was in production for 3 years. Insomniac increased dev schedule from 2 years to 3 years.

shikamaroooo2634d ago

They should of waited till after beta testers oh well still day one buy for me

TKCMuzzer2633d ago


Maybe with your wealth of knowledge you could email the devs and explain to them in detail how you produce a perfect running multiplayer experience on day one, straight out of the box without testing.
Like many on this site, experts in knowing nothing about what their commenting on.

A-Glorious-Dawn2633d ago

well said... Armchair developers, meh....

mrkeith2634d ago

get over it so you got to download a patch. Big deal. Get with technology and upgrade your hard drive. I don't hear no one complaining about getting a new iphone every year.

Neo Nugget2633d ago

Tons of people complain about getting a new iphone every year O_O

RedDead2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

Why the hell do they have a 700MB patch on the first day? Couldn't fit it into the Blu ray? Releasing an unfinished game more like...Ugh, devs these days

No I expect them to finish a game before they release it. 700Megs isn't a tiny little bug patch

Shi* it's not like I was getting it anyway, not after R2

Oh i'm intelligent enough to know that they are releasing this early so they don't have to compete with the big boys and a 700 MB day 1 patch proves that.

newn4gguy2634d ago

It's for the MULTI-PLAYER!!! Good lord, man! How intelligent are you?!? The discs were printed over a month ago and you expect them to not have worked on the servers and gameplay tweaks in the past month? What do you think they've been doing? Taking a vacation? They actually LIKE making video games...

MysticStrummer2633d ago

How intelligent could you possibly be if you don't understand that a game releasing in a couple of days was already put on disc, probably at least two weeks ago? As for a day one patch, it seems like this gen has been full of them. It sucks to get your game home, put it in, and be confronted by that update screen, but it's not that big a deal. That said, I'll be waiting to play this one at a later date anyway so I'd expect a patch by then.

BrianG2633d ago

Maybe, just maybe, they started printing the game since it is RELEASING in just a few days prior to the Beta fixes being implemented.

I know, sounds so crazy, a game being printed weeks in advance to meet demand.

Also consider that a patch day 1 clearly shows they FIXED the issues prior to release, just not prior to printing the disc's.

Side note, if you weren't getting it, don't comment.

Why o why2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

What a clever comment by red dead. He even goes as far as to say it couldnt fit on blu ray... Rhymes with thumb and gator. Beta's find bugs and flaws. Patches fix bugs and flaws. Big download for sure but if it means the overall experience is better then why complain especially after the fact you know you aint picking it up. Ill agree with the fact you didnt like part 2 though, much prefered the first but it seems insomniac have taken that common view onboard. Fans should be pleased especially those on the beta who actually made their views heard. Damned if you do, damned if you dont. Sad

Courtesy of p bomb below


New game mode included thumb gator;)

willie322633d ago

He is just used to a quick fix that never works for COD series. COD patches are usually 22 MB per download. No wonder why he thinks it is an entire game with this 700 MB patch.

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