It's Okay to Complain About Free Stuff

You know that Gameboy Pocket your parents bought you all those years ago when you specifically asked for a Gameboy Color? It’s okay to complain about that, even though it was free. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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AronDeppert2632d ago

I love it was probably the game I was most excited about.

Moduserous2632d ago

Well most free things suck so yeah.. example, free to play MMOs...

RoboRyan2632d ago

Good argument. I wasn't impressed by the games Nintendo offered in the Ambassador program because they're games I've played countless times before, as have my other gamer friends. Something to keep in mind though, is that Nintendo products tend to attract a younger crowd and casual audience in a way competitors don't. While most people reading this have played LoZ and Yoshi, younger kids and people who aren't that invest in gaming probably haven't. It's easy for us to be cynical, but the Ambassador program is exposing a huge amount of people to games that are very new to them.

SilentNegotiator2631d ago

I've played most of the ambassador games on at least two different platforms. Gifting them to me wouldn't sooth my pain if I had wasted $80 extra on a 3DS.

Trunkz Jr2631d ago

I mainly enjoyed the Super Mario Bros. both the links, Junior Donkey Kong and thats about all, I'll look forward to the next batch of games which is also Pokemon Crystal and Mario Kart included ^^

Sure you can complain about free games, but just remember they didn't have to give us anything.

Kee2631d ago

It's not okay to complain about free stuff. It's not costing you anything.

Oh, and that's pretty selfish telling someone what to buy you for your birthday or christmas. The idea is that they think of what you need and get you it. If you keep thinking the way you do, you'll be a miserable old git before you know it...

jacksonmichael2631d ago

So you're against the whole concept of Christmas lists? Had you had a problem with complaining about people getting you the "wrong" gifts, I would have been right there with you. Christmas lists, though... That's just a great idea. And tradition, too.

Trekster_Gamer2631d ago

Kee you are dead wrong. free crap is still CRAP! They could and should have given better titles or mailed out 80 gift coupons so we could spend the money how we see fit! The big N is the ones who oeverpriced the 3ds from the getgo and they now know it and are trying to save face by given for the most part crappy old titles. so HECK YA IT IS PERFECTLY OK TO COMPLAIN about it!

Kee2631d ago

Well, yeah. I think the best gift is money. Then you can spend it how you want to. But I certainly won't complain if someone gets me something that I don't particularly want. It may be crap, but it's the gesture that counts.

The ambassador program is different though. It's a reward. I think you can complain about it. It's not like a gift. It's from a company and it's a lot less personal. They're saying thanks for buying our 3DS before the price drop. The price drop was huge. So the ambassador program is sort of saying "here, have this instead of your money back". I can't complain, I bought the cheap 3DS but the people who are dissatisfied with the program can complain. Hope that clears things up.

Bay2631d ago

I'd be mad if someone gave me Big Rigs for free. Yeah, it's free, but it's horrible. I don't want it. However, as with everything in the world, it's all situational. Sometimes you should be grateful, sometimes you shouldn't.

banjadude2631d ago

Someone gave you that game!? They must hate you!
You know what must be done right? :P

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