PlayStation Crowd: Cubixx HD Review

Gincairn writes: If you’re an older gamer like myself, you may remember a game called Amidar, Amidar was a simple title where you controlled a paintbrush and had to follow set paths to complete squares, clearing all squares ended the level.

Fast forward a couple of years and the Japanese game Gal Panic was released, it was similar to Amidar but didn’t work to a grid format instead giving the player the ability to choose which paths they took, the difference being that instead of filling in squares, each successful trip in Gal panic caused a bit more of the background image to be revealed, in true Japanese fashion, the background image was a number of scantily clad anime girls, losing more clothing with each cleared level, upon beating the boss of a level the image revealed a fully naked anime character which then cross-faded back to an actual photo of the naked woman in question (The arcade machines had to get your money somehow right? What better way than softcore porn?)

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