Driver: San Francisco Map Detailed

TGH Writes: Driver: San Francisco is mere days away and we haven't had a good look at the large and expansive map that makes up San Francisco. We got our hands on some off screen photos to show the detail in the city and the expansiveness of the title.

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ShadyDevil2632d ago

Damn, the map is so huge! This game is immense.

ferelinstincts2632d ago

Hell yeah man! The map is HUGE!!!!

Rob9462632d ago

Really want to get this game!

toxic-inferno2632d ago

Now I just have to wait for my Collector's Edition to arrive! :(

RowSand2632d ago

but bu.. i kind didnt like the magick car hijack system.

ShadyDevil2632d ago

It's explained in the story. Plus they already said that hes in a Coma at E3.

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