5 Ways Gears 3 Will Blow Your Mind

So September has finally arrived, Gears of War 3 is almost here, and whilst the beta helped with your cravings only the final finished product is going to fully satisfy those chainsawing desires. It’s guaranteed that Epic’s latest title in the series is going to blow your mind, but in which five areas is going to tear you a new one? Hit the jump to find out more.

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thephillup2631d ago

I basically just want this game for the campaign. Gears of War multiplayer has never really interested me that much compared to other games.

ashbc2631d ago

Nah, campaign is good but multiplayer is where gears comes into it's own

vglulz2631d ago

The multiplayer beta was absolutely great. I have high hopes after being let down by the broken multiplayer in Gears 2. I'm glad they've delayed the game long enough to smooth everything out.

JeffGUNZ2631d ago

Exactly ashbc, multiplayer is where Gears blew up to the beast it is. I love it. I can't wait. All my friends and I have taken a vacation day for the 20th and are doing the midnight release.

I made some of my best Xbox Live friends with Gears of War. Two dudes I met on Live who don't live too far from where I am have actually become real friends and get together often. This game really introduced me to the next generation of gaming and revitalized gaming in a whole for me.

gamingdroid2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

I agree. I'm finding Gears 2 community to be the best I have played in, far better than Halo, CoD or any other game I played. The team actually cares about the team!

I'm having a blast playing Gears 2 Horde this weekend.

15x XP baby!

Raven_Nomad2631d ago

GOTY! Just give it to'em! Never before have I played such a polished beta. Developers should take note on how Microsoft/Epic make and market a true AAA game.

Give it a proper development time, advertise it, believe in the game enough to run a beta with enough time to actually listen to input and then fix any problems or add anything new that might be suggested.

BrightFalls762631d ago

Gears 3 is my most wanted game this Fall. Second most wanted is Uncharted 3. I have no doubt Gears will be great but Uncharted 3 will take home GOTY for most outlets.

Ve_Chuy2631d ago

Graphics? really this is going like COD same engine like the last 2 gow nothing new, no new engine, same graphics anyway console cant handle more graphics than that. and people saying pc is dying hahaha PC all the way