Will this be Nintendo’s most impressive generation yet?

After the dust has settled, sales have dropped and having lost a large portion of the core audience, Nintendo has some serious work to do. Can the Wii U save the day?

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gw4k2635d ago

Naww, Nintendo has plenty of life left and will continue to impress! Trust me!

fluffydelusions2635d ago

Can't imagine a gaming world without Mario or Zelda

iamnsuperman2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

"Will this be the best generation yet for Nintendo?" How do you define best generation. For Nintendo it will be the Wii for us it is a contender. I am personally waiting. I can't afford multiple consoles and like this generation I didn't jump on the first console. At the moment to say could it be the best possible generation for Nintendo is very premature. The fact no official specs have been released suggests they are still finalising it. I think they unveiled to early. At the moment we are hearing hardly anything to do with the Wii U. Once specs are realised then we have a better picture on what the next Nintendo gen is going to be like

Seferoth752635d ago

My guess is that you were not around for the showing of the Wii remote. Nintendo did the exact same thing with it. They showed the controller one year then the next they showed the actual console itself.

Also the bit about not hearing anything sounds a bit selective to me. A lot of devs have said its a powerful console however people semm to only be interested in Wii u power articles when they are negative.

Magnus2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

The only way I'll get a Wii U depends on a few things the price of the console, and what the launch titles are and what they will be like. Every gamer knows if you have shitty launch titles people will stay away from the system. Personally I want Nintendo to tighten up on some of the shovelware games they get some of those titles are not even worth buying. And that to can hurt a console with shovelware games that no one likes. Nintendo won't go down without a fight and the Wii U should be a decent little system.

KingSlayer2635d ago

It's weird the WiiU is a next gen console playing current gen games.

ChickeyCantor2635d ago

I don't see many "current" gen games on the Ps3/360 either. Most of them look like they are stuck in 2007~2008

zerocrossing2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

What's even weirder is your comment, I don't think anyone has seen any genuine WiiU games yet, so to say they play like current gen games is almost like trolling, no wait, its the very definition of the word.

KingSlayer2635d ago

How is it trolling when PS3/360 games are on the console? Ghost Recon, Batman, mad at the truth?

ChickeyCantor2635d ago

So there is a version of ghost recon and Batman on it and it's suddenly a pastgen machine?

The first PS3 and 360 games didn't look much impressive either.

You are reaching, but by all means go and fulfill your hate spreading garbage.

Seferoth752635d ago

So what some PS3/ 360 games were also on PS2. Guess PS3 is now a last gen console because it had some of the same games as PS2...

This happens every generation as we move to new consoles. So when PS4 comes out and some of those games are on 360 or PS3 then the PS4 is suddenly not next gen? You seriously might want to think that argument over again. I don't know maybe this is your first gen but here is a protip for trolling. You only look like an idiot when your reason for hating something applies to every other console ever made

Skateboard2635d ago

I just got a Wii. Loving the classics on VC.

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The story is too old to be commented.