Resistance 3 'a shade shorter' than previous games, DLC plans detailed

SystemLink: "That Gamer's Guide to Resistance 3 interview has hit the internet with aplomb, and we've pulled out two intriguing quotes; one regarding the length of the game, and the other probing into the DLC plans."

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Trophywhore2658d ago

The moment they announced Hale was not coming back even though the last game STRONGLY hinted he would told me this game would suck. No Hale=No Resistance. God how the mighty have fallen.

ReservoirDog3162658d ago

How did it hint he would? We* all just grasped at straws to figure out how he could be alive.

The whole game was saying from the beginning he had a ticking time bomb death wish, it said constantly that he was turning into a chimera, he went and completely turned into a chimera and then he got a gaping hole shot through his head.

If anything, R2 was heavily* hinting that he would not be coming back.

RedHotChiliPepaSpray2658d ago

Yes becuae getting shot through your skull 3 2 seconds before the game ends is a MASSIVE hint that he was coming back.

anyway this looks to be the best campaign in the franchise so far so I'm excites.

Trophywhore2658d ago

Are you all really that dense? He was possesed by DAEDELUS. Aka, head chimara who is linked to all other chimars. If he dies, so do all other chimara. The only sensible route they could have gone with was having hale live to become a bad guy and the final boss to finish off at the end of R3. Insomniac writer apparently cant even remember thier own plot devices. Having a great character killed by a bitch like capelli is like having Rambo being killed by a bunny rabbit.

I cant even see the same game anymore. Resistance 1 was so good. R2 was ok, needed work getting back to R1 glory days, R3 is going to be a shitfest in the single player story. So many contradictions spuring up already and a troll spoiled the ending (its lame). Ive always believed single player comes first and MP is an afterthought. I wont be lead through this bad story. Hale deserves better than what they did to him. Insomniac has really let down gamers for the second time. I will never purchase a game from them again.

Baka-akaB2658d ago

So basically the only "sensible" approach was to sh*t on your characters from 2 games ago by turning him into a bad guy , making everything he did so far meaningless ?

Your way aint even surprising nor originl and again just crap on the char , so no thanks

killcycle2657d ago

This is the problem these days, people just can't leave great characters dead.

In order to make a great game you have to kill great characters, you can't keep bringing them back just needs to accept that shit.

The same with Radec from Killzone 2 everyone's complaining for him too.

The only way to do it is if they make a game or some kind of DLC about some of his PASSED events.

Soldierone2657d ago

Didn't Hale at one point tell Cappelli if it came down to it, then to pull the trigger?

What Capelli did took a lot of emotional input and the ending did that justice. It ended a chapter. Fact is IG wanted to go in a new direction, and with the lack of development Hale was given in RFOM they were better off following someone else.

Read the books and the lore of R3. I wasn't too interested in Capelli taking over either until I realized how deep they made things. and you say you want it to go back to RFOM and they did just that, and based on early reviews its even better. Its like RFOM with an actual developing character, instead of a voice over.

I love Resistance and any true fan of the series is going to play the game and not just walk by it because Hale isn't in it. I actually give IG props for having the balls to kill their main character, you never see that happen.

Trophywhore2657d ago

"In order to make a great game you have to kill great characters"
Dude that is the biggest load ive ever read.

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Forbidden_Darkness2658d ago

Shorter..? Even with the extra year of developement time? That's a bit dissappointing.. Either way I can't wait to play this game (:

iamnsuperman2658d ago

Well do you want it longer or do you want the story to be brilliant. As long as the story is great I do not mind it being shorter. I do not want the thing to drag out which doesn't fit with the story.

Jack_DangerousIy2658d ago

I think he'd rather the brilliant story that was slightly longer. As would I. :)

Horny Melon2658d ago

once I heard "online pass" this only makes me feel better about not purchasing.

tinezedw2658d ago

If you were thinking on purchasing it to begin with,why do you care if the game has a online pass?

Sevir042658d ago

with the pass so it really wouldn't affect him unless he purchased it Used!

Horny Melon2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )


It has nothing to do with me not getting fucked. I'm looking out for the guy after me that doesn't have the money to afford brand new.

Quit think of just yourself. We already had the "me" generation (babyboomers) and look how fucked up the world is. We don't need a repeat.

geddesmond2658d ago

@Horny Melon

Lol I see your options of what games to buy in the future will be very limited considering most future games are going to ship with online passes. I don't agree with online passes but if your buying brand new it shouldn't be a problem to you and at least they will keep away the hackers

blackburn102658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

He just one of those people who has nothing to say but feels he should say something. If he really wanted R3, the online pass wouldn't bother him him in the least. It would be up to whoever wants the game after me to decide if he wants to pay the five dollars. The online pass won't stop most people from buying any of the war shooters coming out this fall but most people use this excuse to pretend that its the reason they aren't going to buy R3. Don't buy it, but just stop the lame excuses. BTW how much is a shade shorter? The campaign in R1 was pretty meaty. Do they mean like 30 mins shorter or like a whole hour and a half?

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chasedagreat2658d ago

you wasnt going to buy it anyway

dinkeldinkse2658d ago

But some people obviously feel you have to be full of shit to not buy the game because of the online pass.

I am not buying Resistance 3 solely because of the pass. You guys can believe whatever you want, but that is honestly the only reason why I am not buying it.

Jack_DangerousIy2658d ago

You ok?

I ask because your pants are obviously on fire.

RyuDrinksTheDew2658d ago

im definitely going to get this, but Dead Island releases on the same day.

them saying the game is shorter convinces me that i should wait to buy Resistance 3.

Horny Melon2658d ago

Dead Island....Dead Rising the tropical vacation edition.

Jack_DangerousIy2658d ago

Except... It's not. I'd say "nice try" but I'd be lying.


BulletToothtony2658d ago

if you haven't follow the last 2 resistance i see your poing but if you've played the last 2 i don't know how anybody wouldn't like to see what happens on the next game.
The story is so intriguing.

cpayne932658d ago

He said its about the same so hopefully the difference won't even be noticeable.

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