Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection Review (PSU)

Every major brawler out there has left its mark on history one way or another. Capcom’s Street Fighter series, for example, is widely considered by beat-em-up aficionados’ as the pinnacle of 2D-based brawlers for its intricate combo system and fast-paced gameplay. Virtua Fighter on the other hand, is renowned for its flurry of meticulously-timed attacks and precision blows. Then of course there are those franchises that are remembered for stamping a more, shall we say, irreverent mark in the history books – Dead or Alive’s relentless parade of tits and arse certainly springs to mind in that respect. Unsurprisingly, this is also where Mortal Kombat fits in. For all its capabilities as a competent brawler, the franchise has, since its inception in the early 90s been remembered for one thing – blood. Well, that’s an understatement; buckets of blood, dismemberment and grisly fatalities would be more accurate.

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gw4k2631d ago

Can anyone say OVERKILL?

contra1572631d ago

Should have had extra content, , but for ten bucks for three arcade perfect ports . I am content.