New leaked footage of Borderlands 2 better than MW3, BF3

Josh Holt of Myona writes: Yesterday, Activision has released a so-called multiplayer trailer of MW3 on Youtube and it hasn’t been received well by the viewers. It was reported then that the video has been taken down.

Now, if we compare both of the videos and it is very clear that this amateur Borderlands 2 footage shows a lot more of what the gamers want to see.

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gw4k2632d ago

Better than MW3? BF3?
What are you smoking

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What a do these people come up wit this crap?


I might pay attention if you worded this differently. New leaked footage of Borderlands 2 different than MW3, BF3.

Pay attention here and maybe you will get some hits on that site of yours.

farhad2k82631d ago

Borderlands 2 & GRAW Future Soilder VS Modern Warfare 3 & Battlefield 3

itani2631d ago

I stopped ready the article at "We got another footage of the upcoming Borderlands 2"

lMHl2630d ago

what were you ready for?

calibann2631d ago

They used that title in order to get hits....and it worked. the title you suggested is more honest but would generate way less hits. Borderlands 2 looks DIFFERENT to mw3, bf3.....sounds boring. Borderlands 2 looks BETTER than mw3, that's something people will click on..

Agent-862631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

@gw4k, absolutely agree. What were these guys smoking? Better than BF3 or MW3? Hell no! What a freaking joke! Here is a link to some leaked footage since the article didn't include any. You be the judge.

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aviator1892632d ago

I wouldn't necessarily say better, but, like gw4k said, "different" would be more suited.

But, then again, it's an opinion piece, so whatever.

Tanir2631d ago

ummm wtf.......not even the same type of game.......

this just in, just dance 3 better than uncharted 3......../s

OdinFallen2631d ago

Just Dance 3 is better than U3, I mean seriously check out the graphics and sweet moves in JD3, so much better looking and higher production value than U3.

Tanir2631d ago

lmao and the music!!! omg!!!!! haha

consolez_FTW2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

How did this get approved?!? The whole article is in the description...Plus it talks about leaked borderlands 2 footage that this site has no video or quality pics of. and it's already saying it's better than BF3, MW3 when not one of those games has been released.

Why did I give this site a hit..

Sony3602631d ago

They're not even the same kind of game for crying out loud.

Why even try to compare?

Kee2631d ago

My thoughts exactly. It's like comparing elder scrolls to littlebigplanet or something. Completely different. :(

calibann2631d ago

HOW IS THAT THE SAME? How is comparing a first person RPG to a fucking side scroller the SAME THING?...... Borderlands, MW3, BF3 ALL first person shooters (bar the RPG elements of Borderlands, it is still a FPS) ...they are gonna get compared.

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The story is too old to be commented.