Mary Elizabeth McGlynn: "I am proud of the work we did for the Silent Hill HD Collection"

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn: "I stand behind and am very proud of the work we did for the re-releases of Silent Hill 2 & 3. I was approached by Konami to re dub the original Silent Hill versions of 2 & 3. I was told that they would not be using the original voices due to an unfounded demand for royalties by the original actors, specifically the actor who played James. There are no royalties for game voice over actors, as stipulated by and negotiated for in the contracts. Games are a buy out situation. That’s just the way it is. We couldn’t change the script at all so we were constrained by the pacing of the original performances. But I think we brought a sense of naturalism to the updated version. I was proud to be a part of this revision and although I know there will be much resistance to the new voices, I hope the fans will, over time, be able to appreciate both versions of this iconic game series."

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WhiteLightning2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

Sorry but no....

The voice acting back then might of not been that great but it's still better then the work you guys have done for the HD collection. Most of the scenes sound like no hard work has been put into it.

I really hope fans don't get used to the change because all your doing when you give in is letting the developer know they can screw you over again and again. Look at Capcom with dmc, I hope no one buys that to teach them a lesson.

Guy Cihi said he would like to put this thing behind him and would let them put the old voice acting on the disc.

"After thinking it through carefully I have come to realize that I am unwilling to be part of any legal barrier or excuse which prevents a new generation from experiencing Silent Hill 2 the way the original Team Silent created it. The only way to do this appears to be for me to relinquish all my rights to Konami and so I hereby completely waive all rights to my motion capture and vocal performances in the Silent Hill 2 production without demand for additional consideration. Have your lawyer send me the proper documents required so that we can put this fiasco behind us.

I call on Konami to release the HD versions of SH2, and all subsequent re-releases, with the original vocal tracks intact. If you desire, I welcome you to include the new vocal tracks so that fans can choose which version they prefer."

Jack_DangerousIy2634d ago

I'm sure some people actually like the game. So, for them... it's not exactly getting screwed over.

Some people just like to enjoy playing a game without all this extra crap like which developer or publisher is "evil".

Playing games used to be about, just that, playing games. Not that I'm sitting here trying to disregard your opinion. Nor do I really mean this specifically towards you. I completely understand what it is you are saying.

Of course, I have yet to play it for myself though.

Note that I don't click that little button down there as a "sign of good faith" blah blah.


Megaton2634d ago

As much as I absolutely adore this woman for her work on numerous Silent Hill soundtracks, I would have preferred they just copy/paste the old audio instead of getting new VA's.

Peppy la Moca2634d ago

I like her work in Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex. One of the few anime with a really well done audio dub. But i guess if you're used to the original voices the newer ones can be off-putting.

alexi_6662634d ago

Still waiting on SAC 3rd gig. :(

EVILDEAD3602634d ago

I'm with White lightning..was a huge SH fan back in the day and wow I can't believe they actually Had to redo the voice acting. Definately tarnished the memory for the fans. Can you imagine seeing an Blu Ray update to one of you fsvorite movies or shows (lets say animate) of all time and hearing a completely different voice than the one you remember?

On the flipside it shouldnt affect newcomers to the series. My disappointment is that they didn't start with the original. First 2 were the scariest by far.


DrRobotnik2634d ago

Don't care, gonna buy it anyways. Need to wash out the bad taste SH:homecoming left in my mouth.

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