Reasons to Stay Away From Bodycount

BP writes: "I cannot do it anymore. I snagged a copy of Bodycount for the purpose of wanting to write about it for the site. I read one review that was fairly positive and decided I wanted to write one for BitPunch. After spending some hours with this game my idea of a review became more of a list of reasons why you should not be playing this game."

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Sunhammer2632d ago

I'm not sure how anyone expected any good to come from this after the director himself said it's "the Lady Gaga of first person shooters."

iamnsuperman2632d ago

I still do not what he means by that. Does he mean crazy, "I am an individual" syndrome kind of game. I played the demo and this is not a true sequel to Black.


I never thought it was suppose to be a sequel to black. i thought everyone knew that..

Elvfam5112632d ago

This is one of the worst games I've played this Gen not really worth the money....

iamnsuperman2632d ago

@Dark Witness. Sorry I mean spiritual successor to Black. Bit like operation flashpoint (cold war crisis) and ARMA. It may not have the same story but they are made by the same people and has (meant to) the same style.

ZILLA2632d ago

that should be the only reason.

theflyindutchman2632d ago

fuckin right about that!!
stupid mongols, just make a proper black 2.

thespaz2632d ago

I only needed one reason.... Codemasters.

dkgshiz2632d ago

Yea, Codemasters has nothing but a line up of crap games that they produce. The Dirt series is honestly their only decent series that they have under their belt.

sublIME2s2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

And to even think about the director of this game was the one who bashed Killzone and Crysis, saying they were both overrated just makes me wanna punch him in the face.

I would be ashamed to even release a game like this, period.

Ayepecks2631d ago

You only need one reason to stay away from Bodycount: it's a shit game.

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