What Is With The Lack Of Class?

Mudslinging is a common tactic in politics, but it is just as frequent in gaming as evidenced by EA's seemingly constant attacks on Activision among other examples. People eat it up, but what does it even achieve?

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ctrlrz2630d ago

To answer the basic premise - mud slinging creates a divisive standard by which people ally themselves and become part of a hive mind group. The feeling that comes with being part of an "exclusive" group also makes people feel "elite" and it has proven lucrative. If you can't instill loyalty through honesty and quality, the next best thing is to do it through bias and slander - also, it's much easier.

I don't condone it - I loathe corporations that do this but unfortunately Activision and EA buy up all the small devs so the consumers have few options by to fork their money to them in some way. As time passes, few people stop and really think about what's going on, and it is exactly as planned by the publishers - pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

as gamers get younger with each passing generation, the level of immaturity and lack of awareness will be the barrier other must try and overcome. Welcome, millennial crack cocaine; a new cultural "war on stupid."