PSNow! - Resistance: Burning Skies Preview

As happened with PlayStation 3, Resistance will be one of the first franchises to open the market for First Person Shooters on a new Sony console, this time on PlayStation Vita Resistance: Burning Skies. With the second analog Vita PS we can enjoy this type of genre that had not been any success in the previous generation of laptops, is going to be revitalized by the new possibilities offered by this new handheld.

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NukaCola2633d ago

I like the way this is looking. Really excited that the 1st gen game of the Vita are so advanced. Imagine 2 years from now?

Beetey2633d ago

Agreed. I do have to agree with the author though, that it currently look too linear. Hopefully this will change as the game's development progresses.

MasterCornholio2633d ago

Looking good for a portable game