CVG - The Top 10 video games of all time [Based on Review Scores]

We've already brought you what we consider to be the best titles on the separate platforms, the best of every genre and even the best doing certain things... like looking pretty or being big.

To try and nail down the best games in the world ever, though, seems like a big task - one that would probably cause more harm than good.

But science makes everything safe and fair. So we've checked in at to find out what the highest rated games are of all time.

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Ezio20482632d ago

technically its GTA 4....ONLY if you aggregate all the reviewers! :D

handheldwars22632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

Ocarina was 97.57 with 28 reviews, but suddenly 3 reviews (all perfect scores) disappeared. Metroid Prime was in the top 5 but it went down as well. Then came up Uncharted 2 by suddenly removing a bad review. Super Mario 64 lost a review and fell too.... What was it with GR removing so many reviews I wonder..!!??

You can see the original here at this link: http://www.aussie-nintendo....

Tiqila2632d ago

BASED ON REVIEW SCORES basically this means that list is irrelevant

kramun2632d ago

What should it be based on then?

Tiqila2631d ago

to make it relevant to me?
Based on the fun i had with the game!

what else does matter?

BrightFalls762632d ago

Sadly Nintendo's insistence on goofy controllers for Wii and now Wii-U are all the reason I do not own a Nintendo console anymore. I'm ok with the oudated graphics but being required to swing my arms around or hold an iPad don't appeal to me no matter how great new installments in Zelda, Metroid or Mario might be.

Venox20082631d ago

you are missing many good games then :)

mamotte2630d ago

Sadly for us, really good games were avaliable in times were making and publishing a review wasn't as easy as now.

gumgum992631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

"Review scores don't lie..."

They are still an opinion at the end of the day, no matter how popular and mighty they claim to be so its actually a fallacy to say such a thing.

Having said that, I do enjoy my time with Ocarina on the 3DS. I still enjoy other games just as much, hence why this list has some holes from my perspective which is why:

Fun factor always > Review scores