Everything Sony Touches Turns To Mediocrity

Dana Blankenhorn write: "Of all the tech companies I follow, Sony (SNE) is the most clueless. The reason is simple: It fails to understand synergy.

Sony remains the only major tech company that's not run by a tech executive. Instead the CEO is Howard Stringer, former head of CBS (CBS), a content guy. Stringer, like his Japanese predecessors, persists in believing there is some magical link between creating movies or TV shows and making the devices they play on."

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Bigpappy2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Sony might be is serious trouble. Stock down 41.9% for the year and operating at a loss the pass 3 years. I now begin to question if that price cut (great for gamers) will lead to even more trouble for the company. The tablet is also very risky. Vita might help, but I don't thing it can turn around the company on its own. I think they are investing in too many places at once. They also need to test demand for things like 3D before pushing it so hard. Bad decissions can kill a company. M$ has made some bad me too decisions (Zune and Kindle), but are recovering and doing okay in this bad maket. But in this type of economy, a company can easily slip behind and have to close some of its departments that have been under performing. CEO's can loose their jobs.

No sense in trying to high finatial trobles, it will come out eventually. This way gamers will be prepared when the mainstream strats to report the hard facts. Look at the numbers on the right of the article. This spells serious trouble. Sony is not a single entity. It is made up of many divisions. There are in this to make money folks.

iamnsuperman2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

This is funny. Mediocre???? Please. Sony TVs are good, There console is good and has some of the finest, diverse exclusives out there.

How this article got approved.Should be on techspy. Nothing to do with gaming and is about the company as a whole. People need to learn just because it says Sony doesn't mean it automatically means gaming. These articles are about other tech and need to go on tech spy. Mods remove please this is a techspy article

jony_dols2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Yeah, you're right about Sony, everything they touch turns to mediocrity.

They've 'only' managed to sell close to 400 million consoles since they launched the Playstation brand. Yeeks talk about mediocrity.

And just look at Sony's Walkmans, CD, DVD & Blu Ray players. They were all massive flops that never took off.

And worst of all there is Sony Columbia , they are the laughing stock of Hollywood. All they've managed to do is launch films such as the Spiderman franchise (2.5 billion box office gross after 3 films) & Casino Royale.

Yup Sony can't do anything right. But I'm sure the author of this article has achieved more in his life than pathetic 'ol Sony ever will.

/sarc x 1000000

pixelsword2658d ago


*checks calender*

...yep; it's the weekend.

gamingdroid2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

***The company [Sony] has remained stuck in slow-growth, even no-growth markets like PCs and cameras, long after rivals abandoned them. Everything Sony touches in tech turns to mediocrity. ***

I said it before and I say it again (despite lots of disagrees), electronics is a very cut throat business with low margins. Very few companies can sell their products at a premium.

***Its shares are actually selling for less than they were at the bottom of the dot-com bust.***

I think stock prices tells a very important story of any company. Sure there is swings in the market, but there is no bigger vouch from anyone than buying stock in a company and trusting it will profit you in the future.

For the record MS hasn't done much better either, their stock has been moving sideways for the past 10-years and most of their acquisitions has been fruitless and more akin to a black hole.

I want a smaller nimbler company to enter the console race. That would be really exciting!

morganfell2658d ago Show
2658d ago
Mrmagnumman3572658d ago

jony dols, thats so true and funny. I think sony killed this guy's dog. Lets wrap this up. The ps2 sold over 150,000,000 consoles, ps1 sold 100 million + and ps3 has sold 53 million, and by the tenth year of its life probably 100 million. Think about it ps3 sold 14 million last year and its suppose to sell 15 milion this year. So 3 more good years and it will already almost hit 100 million. Yeah, real mediocre.....

Brosy2658d ago

MS doesn't have anything to do with this article. You are a troll.

nix2658d ago

i think the site should be called

2658d ago
Arnon2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

It is such a bad idea for Sony to jump into the tablet market. This is the exact reason for HP dropping out of the hardware business completely.

No one on this entire website can think it's a good idea to place the price of the Sony tablet as the same price of the iPad. You know, the one that's had a major contribution to Apple's success as becoming the top company in the entire world? The majority of people will not buy it's tablet for the features (even if the Sony tablet is technically better). They'll buy it for the brand name and price, and Sony is nowhere near that popular to outdo Apple.


What does Microsoft have to do with anything about Sony and their products? Are you too butthurt to stay on topic?

Sub4Dis2658d ago

it's like you sheeple didn't even read the article, you just saw something negative about sony and immediately went into SDF mode. i'm sure the author fully expected that.

sad that the conversations taking place in the comments on his site are so much more mature and rational than the ones taking place here...not that it's surprising in any way.

MaxXAttaxX2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

360 trolls have a party anyway.



Pedobear Rocks2658d ago


HP was sadlled with trying to build a vertically integrated OS with ZERO was never going to work without a committment to years and years of investments.

Sony is selling hardware (presumably at a profit) that has the highest growth operating system on it that allows them to embed access to SONY's media company's...thus creating a vertically integrated system that creates long term cash flow.

They don't have to outsell the iPad...

As for the rest of you ... seekingalpha is an investment site...not a gaming site. SONY has been bleeding for quite sometime and there is plenty of reason to question why Sir Howard is still smart move though was bringing in Tim Schaff (ex of Apple) in 2005...we are finally seeing the results of his efforts.


Theonetheonly2658d ago


Im still deciding if being an active member of n4g is worth the constant bombardment by some shit I dont care about on every page.

on topic this dude is pretty dumb

Arnon2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

HP also built their own tablet

Which was trying to compete with the iPad at the same price. Being unsuccessful, they announced that they would withdraw from the hardware industry. They believe that the tablet will essentially be the future of computing, eliminating laptops and desktops completely.

This is why they're now a software only company.

XabiDaChosenOne2658d ago

@Arnon Thanks for regurgitating what you already said in your previous comment. Did Pedobear run your argument into a brick wall?

MsclMexican2658d ago


Everything sony touches turns into mediocrity

Im sorry, but I think this dude was pretty high while writing this article

bakasora2658d ago

I agree on the article till certain degree..

Parapraxis2658d ago

Adblock bro, google it.

monkey nuts2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Also, if he's going with ad block+ he might aswell throw no-script in there too just to speed everything up.

On topic: so sony's shares have taken a 41% downturn in value? Time to buy some shares in sony, for the longterm ofcourse.

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Misterhbk2659d ago

Everything Sony touches is mediocre? Oh right because they don't have some of the best televisions on the market.

Oh oh, and the PS3 hasn't had the most exclusives this year (and next year) at all.

Oh, and all the music artist they've got behind them are the absolute worst. </sarcasm>

Psh, troll article is trolling hard.

P.S. The PS2 isn't the highest selling console of all time either. </sarcasm>

SheenuTheLegend2658d ago

gr8 reply man
now this troll can kiss my ass

pixelsword2658d ago

You're forgetting the most future proofed, non-flammable, pirate-and-hack-free gaming device out there.

Pikajew2658d ago

Having a lot of exclusives doesn't mean they are all good.

Misterhbk2658d ago

@ Pikajew
Good or bad is subjective, and everyone will have a different opinion.

What is good about having a large number is exclusives is you give your consumers options. Let them decide what they like, instead of throwing 1 or 2 games down their throat over and over.

Genghis2658d ago

Hey read the article, bozo. It's not about specific products, but about their tech strategy and how they have been underperforming as a whole.

It's not about the quality of their TVs and PS3s. It's about how well they do on the market.

ShaunCameron2658d ago

Yeah. Too bad they won't anything to boost the PS3's profile. Just like the previous PS's, big-time 3rd party games are the only games that matter.

Pedobear Rocks2658d ago

Seekingalpha is an investment site...

Sony lost its dominance in music players
Sony lost its dominance in console gaming
Sony lot its dominance in televisions
Sony lost its dominance in ereaders

That is what the article is pointing too...Sony is innovative but doesn't have the culture to keep them in front...they are spread too thin. They're working on it but as investors its been a horrible investment for a long time.

Richdad2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Yeah, this is an example of bad journalism. The heading really doesnt seems to be appropriate. Its good to crticize with creativity.
But this is just bashing, which doesn't makes much sense either.

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JoGam2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

@ Bigpappy I have one thing to say.....

vyke32658d ago

lol. Before I clicked I thought you were gonna put this.

disturbing_flame2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

What about bluray ? Is it also something that turned to mediocrity ?

I mean where's HD DVD now ?

Oh well, it looks that it is not important to point that the bluray won this war and is climbing into the market by 10% each years...

What is an embarrasment today is to see developpers don't use it to make better compressed videos in their games.

gamingdroid2658d ago

Blu-Ray won the war not because it was a better product, it simply won because Sony paid up.

Nothing wrong with that, but in the HD format it simply was mediocre too. HD-DVD was in fact more consumer friendly and even business friendly due to lower manufacturing costs.

Phantasm2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )


Sony did pay up at some point.

Warner announced in Jan. of 2008 that they would stop supporting the HD DVD format by the end of May in favor of Blu-ray.

These are some films from DreamWorks and Universal (summer 2008) that would have (ONLY) gone to the HD DVD format in time for the 2008 holiday season.

Iron Man
Indiana Jones 4
Kung Fu Panda
The Incredible Hulk
Hellboy 2
The Mummy 3
Tropic Thunder

Sony got a little worried, paid up, so Toshiba decided to call it quits.

You can also blame MS for not (FULLY) supporting the HD DVD format. They could have easily paid out $$$ to whom ever to keep the format going, but they were more interested in downloads.

I still have about 34 HD DVD's that are next to all my blu-ray's, and they play beautifully.

Region Free is another nice little feature HD DVD players had going for them.

I am very interested to see in regards to what disc format MS goes with on the 720. Will they go blu, or resurrect the HD DVD format for gaming only? 40 to 51 gig HD DVD discs were ready for approval at one point.

We shall see.

disturbing_flame2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Oh well i read this silly argumentation since 2007/2008, same amount of nonsense and hate against this format just because it was clearly taking advantage of its technology : more stockage capacity for example and a more friendly use by customers because of this one format implemented on the market with PS3.

The industry left HD DVD because of its restrictions, because it did not offer the flexibility of bluray; it's clear only true fanboys can't see that i guess.

Actually Blu ray has won the war because it was a better product than HD DVD. Purely and simply. Deal with it son.

Biggest2658d ago

I'd love to see someone argue that HD-DVD was better than BluRay. It may sound something like this:

It has less capacity. It has fewer movies. It's obviously better.

gamingdroid2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

From a consumer standpoint, consumers hardly care about "larger" space when they could get region free baked into the standard, hybrid disc, cheaper cost and even the players were significantly cheaper. Heck each player was mandated to have a network port and a digital streaming was also ready.

Blu-Ray had none of that and was a half baked standard that wasn't complete, but Sony pushed it out due to the PS3. The only benefit was to content holders, it was more flexible in keeping control of consumers!

VHS didn't win because it had better picture quality, it simply was more consumer friendly. That is what happens when you let consumers choose.


MS didn't care about HD-DVD, it simply supported it to stall Blu-Ray.

MaxXAttaxX2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

You know Sony is not the only one in charge of Blu-ray right?

It took the HD-DVD out of the market, whether you say they "paid" or not, it's success either way.

I'm not surprised though. Nearly everything you say about something Sony related has the same exact tone.

2658d ago
JeffGUNZ2657d ago


What war did blu-ray win? If you haven't noticed, digital downloading, streaming, cloud storage, etc, these are examples of the future of technology. Blu-Ray is a great technology, but it's high price is not going to keep with streaming HD or Digital downloading HD.

Blu-Ray just doesn't matter to most consumers out there. Sure, you and I love watching blu-ray, but that is not the way of the future.

MaxXAttaxX2657d ago

By "win" he means disc format war(physical).

Blu-ray outsold DVD for 2 years straight. I'm not sure it's still true to this day(more than likely). But it does matter.

Digital streaming is great, but people still like to have a physical collection of their favorite movies. Plus digital compression kinda puts it behind Blu-ray in quality.

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zeal0us2658d ago

Don't give this article/site your time just keep it moving ppl.

dangert122658d ago

you made me laugh hard bubbles =D

kingdoms2658d ago

This is why fanboys will wave lineup lists all year long but very few exclusives are any good and sell very well.

pixelsword2658d ago

When you only have three exclusives out per year, of course they'll sell "well". When you have more than one per month on average, you'd be foolish to expect the same performance; especially in this economy.

vyke32658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Do you know what is hilarious and ironic about what you just said? The 360 has alot of exclusives, yet only Halo and Gears are actually good. For example:

GoW > Ninga Blade
LBP > all Kinect kiddie games combined
MGS > Splinter Cell
Starhawk > -
Heavy Rain > Alan Wake
FF > Lost Odyssey
GT5 >>>>> Forza
Infamous >>>> CrackDown
R&C > -
Demon's souls >>>>>> Fable

WhiteLightning2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

and Xbox fanboys like your self have been waving sales numbers about all year long

TheDivine2658d ago

UMM There isnt an exclusive FF on ps3 and Lost Odyssey shi*s all over evry jrpg this gen so you lost all credibility there. Comparing Fable to Demons Souls have you ever played either? Alan wake and heavy rain are very different and niether is better. Two of the best games this gen.

Hicken2658d ago

If you think Lost Odyssey is that superb, you obviously haven't played Valkyria Chronicles. And don't get me wrong; I bought and loved Lost Odyssey, despite not even having a 360. But to say it's better than Valkyria is big talk.

mastiffchild2657d ago

LOis, to me, the death knell of big budget MS only JTRPGS. It NEEDED to be amazing in every respect from, story(weak), character interaction and building, combat, strategy AND real time elements to be all things to every last gamer. It wasn't. It WAS a decent FF knockoff(with that list of talent what would we expect? Well, we got FF X-3.1 but with less coherence.

As a real game UI is a lot better and neither half a . VC is a way, way better game with better strategy, lovable characters and interactionm=s which form the game itself.

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thor2658d ago

Yeah because their stock being way down has NOTHING to do with the Japanese economy and the earthquake/tsunami


A-Glorious-Dawn2658d ago

I was thinking this, and also the hack...

Bad decisions are inherent in business, but Sony has had some pretty tough luck this gen and an uphill climb all the way.

Compare this to their progress and I find it hard to say they did not to well, They have accumulated an extremely large and loyal fanbase, they have the support of many dev's who praise their decisions.
Although I'm not familiar with the tech side of Sony's empire, as far as gaming goes they seem to be right on the money (for the most part).

Regardless this is a gaming site and this is clearly tech news.....

MastaMold2658d ago

What web site is this? Oh below Mediocrity web site

garos822658d ago

dont give a crap about their other electronic devices (although some seem nice to have). the only one im interested as of now is my gaming console and if you think thats mediocre than you must be more disillusioned than i think.

sony keeps giving me games games games of all types and all qualities i cant complain.
and big pappy seriously go play on your xbox and get over the fact its not 2006 anymore

ksense2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

please for god sake at least use a spell checker and improve your grammar bigpappy

high finatial trobles.....

mainstream strats to report the hard facts.....

There are in this to make money folks......

iPad2658d ago


LOL. Dude, chill out. You sound like a stock holder. /facepalm.

life doomer2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )


your a hater and i hate using that word because it's so overused but, this is one of the few times it's fine.

Kkndo2658d ago

The only thing that's mediocre is this article. If he thinks ALL sony products are mediocre then this man is clueless. The only Sony product line that I think is falling behind from competition is their bravia tv. The only reason why I think it's not selling well is because of the price, not because its mediocre. He doesn't even state why he thinks so. It's also funny how he mentioned the kinect being exciting? Right, Microsofts E3 totally got me excited for kinect. These statements he mentioned just shows his quality tastes are mediocre.

Ands lets all be honest, this is totally not sony's year but yet, they are still marching forward and competing in this hard economy. I think that says something for itself..

Kran2658d ago

Wow. You just had to get first comment on the article you posted.

You really were trying to get your point out there.

Sadly, it wasnt enough.

kikizoo2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Oh, look ! another propaganda blog made by misinformed and unsecure fanboys, and the only one falling into the trap are : others delusional and unsecure fanboys (even if they are only ten + multiaccount in the world of real gamers)

really ? are they always thinking ps3 is a failure ? when the system sold more than the others for several months, when the best games are for ps3, the best graphics, etc ? when bluray is a success ? when bravia are one of the best TV on the market ? etc etc lol

"A human brain cant conceive any form of criticism or negative opinion about it must be the Conspiracy."

of course, but lies are not a form of criticism, it's viral marketing made by the uggliest people in ther industry for the dumbest fantroll of the world (paying more for inferior system/hating the best one

" This is why the experience with the Ps3 for me is mediocre, whereas Xbox Live is so much quicker and an infinitely better experience."

another trollboy dreaming of ps3 since 2006, and trying to make us believe he has one....ridiculous (nobody with the 2 system can prefer the inferrtior one, noisy, without bluray, freeonline, best exclusives, etc ...except, the blindest fanboys)

2658d ago
xtremeimport2658d ago

I like when he talks about the game sector of Sony. I mean, I dont really know about their financial status of the other things he speaks of, but when he speaks about the gaming, that I know. He proves exactly why the video game industry is in trouble. He sees it as a negative that Sony decided to make their system a all-in-one unit that you have to pay more for(omg $250 is sooo much money), he talks that the Xbox is ahead of them because of Kinect. If he had a clue about the gaming industry he`d know how useless that device is. Xbox fans, dont try and defend your Kinect. If you do, i`d love to know what you play on it that isnt Dance Central. Like I said, I cant really comment on the majority of the article but the brief part about gaming, he is just way off. He proves that people will spend money on something that is truly useless but because its the "new thing" and they would rather do so instead of paying a higher price once for a system that really can do everything.

palaeomerus2658d ago

The author of the article cares about the gaming market, not the gaming community. the community is a bunch of clueless idiots on the web barking about stuff they don't really understand just because they don't like how it sounds.

He is looking at Sony electronics from a business perspective not an "Oh how I wish I was a real gaming journalist so people would read my blithering, self indulgent opinion pieces" gaming blog perspective.

xtremeimport2657d ago

@palaeomerus you mad bro?

opinska2658d ago

If I find you Imma slap your face so you wake up out of your fanboy dream :)

Lazy_Sunday2658d ago

I'm surprised at the disagrees, but then again, I understand.
In one way, it kinda looks like a kid trying to prove to his friends that Santa exists, when they know full well, and have just told him, that he does not. The other way, it looks like Bigpappy just believed a whole bunch of shit one website told him.

Well, lets be frank here...
Bigpappy, is, in some ways, right--in stock market, Sony is down bigtime. Regular people don't see the difference between the PS3 and a Wii, especially investors. But as gamers, we do. Of course, Nintendo's stocks have also taken quite a tumble, so it's a bad comparison.


Sony, unlike other corporations, doesn't survive purely on stocks, which is why this article has a very moot point. Sony's Playstation division makes money off of games, as they receive a decent percentage off of each game sold. That's how the PS3 makes money. Not from the device itself, but from the games. Just remember that--you support the console purely by purchasing games for it.

This article shouldn't really be here. It's an article for a website about stocks. Stocks Sony doesn't need. Because it has us, the life-blood of it's damn company.

showtimefolks2658d ago

do this and sign on with their 10 other accounts to agree with them self.

ps3 at 699 was the hottest selling console at launch think about that for 600 it sold quite well.

i remember back than every day on n4g there were ps3 is dead,ps3 doom and sony should go out of business articles.


one company gives us different games and takes risks with games like LBP and heavy rain while other has its 3 franchises halo,gears and forza(gears 4 might not even be exclusive)

even though i have both console i buy all my multiplatform games on ps3 because i don't want to pay for online not matter what.

I don't think sony cares if they sell over 100 million console and finish behind MS end of the day that's still selling 100million consoles.

and if these analyst are any sign of what to come:

ps3 is on pace to sell 129 million
xbox360 117 million
and wii in 3rd with also huge numbers

M Patcher



how did this get approved is beyond me. Also to xbox360 community that says n4g is all ps3 fanboys more articles get published about bashing sony/ps3 than anything other so stop telling yourself these kind of things and get real

mopground2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

pappy you need psychological help. ive seen dedicated fanboys but, oh man!