THQ Digital Titles Up To 85% Off For Labor Day Weekend

Over 30 blockboster titles at a MAJOR discount for for the Labor Day weekend? You can't miss this!

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Criminal2541d ago

I might pick up Homefront for that price.

iXenon2541d ago

I've never played it but I do have friends who love it. I wish consoles got this sort of price drop :\

evrfighter2541d ago

wtf how longs this thq store been around?

I'd consider it if I can activate these on steam

multipayer2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

Darksiders is great pickup for $5 and it says it requires a steam account, so that would be my pick.

Another great deal that some might want to know about is that Fable 3 for PC is 12.50 or 1000 msp on through labor day weekend.

Myst2541d ago

I hope more people pick up Warhammer 40k and do last stand as well as the multiplayer. If you don't care for the story and just want to play go for Retribution.

Too_many_games2541d ago

Just bought You Dont Know Jack :D