Call of Duty Elite: What It Means to You

We know all the details about Modern Wafare's upcoming multiplayer service, but is it worth it?

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gw4k2635d ago

Doesn't mean anything to me.

NukaCola2635d ago

Yup. I refuse to pay for something,, and did for free and very damn well.

DirtyLary2635d ago

Beat us all to it Turismog

Raven_Nomad2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

It means I upgraded my MW3 pre order to Hardened so I can get it free for a year. So I'll be getting free maps and earning free double XP weekends for myself and my gaming clan!

Haters gonna hate, but doesn't stop me from enjoying it!

Your able to earn Double XP for your whole clan, your getting monthly DLC in the forms of maps and other items. As a person who usually drops $50 or more a year on COD DLC alone, of course it makes sense to get Elite.

For an extra $20 for the Hardened Edition I'm getting all of those things! That's quite a deal!

DirtyLary2635d ago

What exactly are you getting for free when you are paying an extra 50 bucks?

MysticStrummer2635d ago

Suckers gonna suck, but doesn't stop me from skipping it!

solidworm2635d ago

idiots will pay for this crud and give the green light to ACTIvision to bring pay to play next time.You all deserve to rot in casual gamer hell.

IM_A_NINJA2635d ago

I upgraded my pre order to Hardened Edition as well. I mean for the extra $20 you will get a lot of content. It's a good way to try out Elite without paying the full price.

I'll also be glad when they patch WaW and COD4, get rid of the cheaters there and implement those stats into Elite as well. Not sure why people are complaining so much about the price. $50 is about what the DLC alone would cost anyway, plus you get the chance to earn things for your clan/teammates.

It's looking pretty nice to me. At least nice enough to try out for the extra $20 this time around.

Mikelarry2634d ago

activision can create ish$%^& and some gamers will respond to its like the greatest innovation