Just Make It Free Microsoft

VelocityGamer writes: Can't Xbox LIVE just be free to play online? Or even maybe just $20-$30 a year? Okay. Put away the pitchforks and troll verb-age and just read, because you do want to agree with me. It'll be better for many of us.

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psyxon2663d ago

This is something that should be abolished, especially with CoD's Elite coming, and the 360 being the majority of CoD's fan base. XBL-G + Elite is gonna run you $100. This is absurd in modern day gaming, since on EVERY other platform you can just connect your net, insert (or download) your game and play online. But, Microsoft has to continue trying to make an easy buck. Why? Xbox's community. There are still people who will defend the cost of this service, not realizing that they're the only platform still paying to play online.

Best2663d ago

Making xbox live free would be scamming the hard working developers out of well deserved money for the multiplayer portion of the game.

iamnsuperman2663d ago

Huh???? Maybe for the exclusives (in terms of funding for future games) but do you think the other developers see that money. Microsoft keeps the money and uses it to build there service. Thinking developers really see the money is ludicrous.

psyxon2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

@Best Nice joke. Also, thanks for proving my point.

BattleAxe2663d ago

If Microsoft gets rid of Xbox Live fees, I will eat my hat and buy a 360.....or at least Windows 8 on day one.

guitarded772663d ago

@Best... if that's what you think. Devs can switch to online passes on used games to make up for any "loss". They also turn profit on DLC and sales of downloadable titles. LIVE should be free!!! MS turns a profit by sales alone, not to mention they have ads directly on the UI and all throughout the features. I call BS on the better service argument. I have 2 PS3s and 2 XBOXs and PSN and Live both perform well... difference is one's free with less advertising while the other costs me annually.

dedicatedtogamers2663d ago

The issue isn't making EVERY part of Xbox Live Gold free. The issue is that you can't even use the basic online functionality of the games you've bought. On the PS3, Wii, PC, even the DS and PSP you can play any of its games online for free without any built-in fee for it. 360 is the only console that charges you to play online.

I'm fine with them charging for Avatars, cross-chat, and even Achievements. Go for it. But why should paying customers have to pay Microsoft a fee to play the game online that they rightly bought?

darthv722663d ago

why should they stop? we all can see that sony is slowly adopting the same strategy. the free games you get arent free. they are costing you the continued subscription fee. all new features psn gets will pretty much be members only. the online play will soon be getting limits imposed on free members. the paid will get unrestricted play. just you watch.

kreate2663d ago


"free games you get arent free"

actually the free games u get are really free. if the game is free only during the subscription based time period. it will state so. otherwise the free games u get are really free.

Bzone242663d ago

"actually the free games u get are really free. if the game is free only during the subscription based time period. it will state so. otherwise the free games u get are really free."

I'm sorry, but anything you have to pay for to get "free" isn't free.

kreate2661d ago


that is true.

but the point is u can keep the game and not just play during the subscription period. if u read the comments correctly, u wouldnt of missed the point.

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gw4k2663d ago

Why make it free? Have you see the features that you get? Seriously?
If PSN offered the same features I would gladly pay for it as well.

As it stands, in my opinion, PSN should be free, not Live.

I think it's funny that some say that MS is trying to make a quick buck but clearly either they are fanboys or they don't know what is given for the membership.

I'd love to see N4G being a place of honesty, understanding and less fanboy drama. It gets old.

Trophywhore2663d ago

There is very little Live offers that PSN doesnt. Charging for something that should be free is wrong and the that fact that people are defending it shows how sheepish the world has become.

Seriously what the hell?

_Aarix_2663d ago


You long history of xbox bashing comments has given me the impression you never experienced xbl at all.

gw4k2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )


Seriously man? Didn't I say to drop that Fanboy crap.

Live offers:
Voice Chat, Party Chat, Video Chat with Kinect, Avatars, DLC, multiplayer gaming, netflix, Sky Go, Xbox Live Arcade, Facebook, Twitter, Last FM, Zune video, Zune Music, Vadafone TV, MSN, ESPN, Foxtel on Live, Hulu, Avatar Kinect, Kinect Fun labs, AT&T u-verse tv, Telus TV, Game room, IPTV, Cloud Storage, Skype, Live Messenger, Windows Media Center, Canal, Movistar, Windows Phone integration, TrueSkill, and so much more. YouTube is coming, Bing is on its way, UFC, Windows 8 Compatibility,

Sure PSN offers some of these but you have to admit, they are very rough around the edges and nothing compared to Live.

Lets just be honest here folks.

Trophywhore2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Oh yeah my loooong history of 33 comments.

How about you talk out of your mouth next time...
Youre telling me to drop the fanboy crap when you are the one making lists? Most of those things PSN does too. The only two things Live has over psn is party chat and in game music for all games. How does that justify such a high price? How can you just sit idly by while MS bends you over? I dont see that logic in that at all.

At the very LEAST, MS should be lowering the price for live since there is a service that offers that same thing for free. Instead, they raise it. Interpret that how you will but that is not how competitive business works.

Tanir2663d ago

u have to be kidding, i still have live and i know i will never activate it again, its useless and doesnt have much over psn, especially to warrant a 60$ base price (dont care if u can get it for 45 on ebay) there just isnt that much more on there, there's just not

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Not gonna happen. Why should they; theyre gettin money for sitting on their asses, dont make any games, maintain any studios/employees/property taxes/benefits. The little employees they have are a couple hindus in india or filipinos working for nominal wages, and that fat geek larry herb.

Perfect racket $60x20 million dedicated members =$1,200,000,000 to make a couple inside xbox clips a month pay some hindus a nickle a day to answer the phone

dark-hollow2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Ugh this is getting out of hand.
Xbox live service is superior to the psn service IMO and it deserve every cent Ive paid for it! The only thing that the psn has is the fact that it's free!

For 5$ A MONTH you get:

Party chat up to EIGHT people each one playing DIFFERENT game!
Global invite
FREE demo for EVERY XBLA TITLE available!
The ability to join in-game session, which means if there is a room in COD match that your friend is playing, you dont need to ask for an invite! You can just the game instantly!

Xbl is very polished and offer a lot of great services!
Do I want it to be free? Hell yes! But does the wii/ps3 offers better online services?? For me, no. Till the day psn becomes on par with xbl while still being free, I'll be happy to ditch my gold subscription.

DarthJay2663d ago

So because the developers are trying to cash in Microsoft is supposed to just stop charging? How does that make sense? The trend is going the other way. Playstation Plus will be the norm next generation Sony.

They need to pay for their network. Anyone that's paying 60 bucks for XBox Live is doing it wrong, anyway. But seriously, five bucks a month is too much to partake in the vastly superior overall online network?

You're complaining about the wrong people. You don't need COD Elite to play it online. It's not necessary. It doesn't allow you to go online

Sorry, they don't need to stop charging for anything. That was the deal when you signed up: XBox Live was a pay service. I paid 35 bucks for my next year of service. It's called doing your homework. There is always a deal out there to be had. Buying the console doesn't entitle you to the service, it entitles you to put the disc in and play a video game. The internet didn't come with my computer. People pay money for World Of Warcraft and can't play it unless they are online.

If you don't want to be a part of a subscription service, don't sign up for one. It seems like a fairly simple concept. I didn't HAVE to get Playstation Plus, but guess what, I did, because they provided me value.

XBox Live should not be free. Sorry, there's just way too much going on that costs money to keep running. Sure, they are making money off of it, as they should. They are a business. That is what businesses do. If you want a free video game network that you don't have to pay for, go make your own.

tee_bag2422663d ago

Agree, no one pays for online except xbox users. Sad thing is they defend it. And whats this great service xbox fanboys honestly think they are getting? Advertisements shoved down your throat? Hell, I pay for live too it but you're not going to see me defend it while I play free online with PC and PS3.

TheDivine2663d ago

One day we will have developers charging for online themselves like a mmo almost. You can see cod heading this way already. Why let ms take all the money when say activision or ea run the servers? They will charge for battlefield and cod online even if its a pass for ALL games. When this happens ms is done charging. They should at least drop it down, its very doable (like 3-4 a month) but compared to free it seems pointless. Il pay as its a great service and the community is worth it but if theres extra charges like cod elete thats mandatory to experience full online than the double sub is too much. They need to include the game sub in xbl and kickback to the dev.

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gravemaker2663d ago

play on pc or ps3, its free. Why stick to 360 anyway?

RedDead2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Luffy would take the Ps3 because it has a higher risk of getting hacked. Taking one for the team.

vyke32663d ago

you do realize that sony fixed their online network right? what do you think they have doing for 1 month? its actually more secure than XBL now. Oh and btw, XBL is so boring it cant even do cross-platform like Steam/PSN. lol so much for "teh you getz wat yuo payz four."

Hicken2661d ago

Cuz peoples XBL accounts aren't hacked on virtually a minute-by-minute basis.

Oh, wait...

Dart892663d ago

This is why i dont play on my xbox360 why waste money on something that i can do for free on 3 other systems.

dark-hollow2663d ago

I didn't know you can do cross gaming chat, party chat up to eight people, global invites up to 100 friends, ability to join in-game session, free demos for every psn game, voice messages etc. On the ps3/wii....

Bigpappy2663d ago

If they were to make it free and maintain the same level of features and service, then I am all for it. But as it is I have nothing to complain about. Like many others on the service from the first year, I am very happy with what I get for the money I pay. If some one needs a more affordable service, there are many of those options out there. People who are actually paying for it obviously want to play for it, no?

psyxon2663d ago

The only thing you're paying for is XGC and XBLA... Everything else is offered by PSN and even more is offered by PC software. I'm missing what people find valuable about XBLA, when both alternatives mentioned are free and offer everything but the features I mentioned above. Hell, PC's offer numerous alternatives to the above features. I'm not trying to be fanboy here, if anyone can correct me, please do. Just be sensible about it.

DragonKnight2663d ago

No. They want to play online. In order to do that on the 360, they have no choice but to pay. Guaranteed that if the 360 had a PSN setup where the features were something you could pay for but still get online gaming for free, the majority wouldn't look back. Free will always win out.

clearelite2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Too late, they already lost my business. Maybe they will vindicate themselves somehow. If gears 3 is REALLY REALLY exceptional, they start cranking out lots of cool games, and get rid of live charges, I may have a change of heart.

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