Composing Insomniac’s Darkest Game: Boris Salchow on Resistance 3′s Score

The resistance needs you. With mankind facing extinction as the Chimera continue to expand across the world, Resistance 3 is easily the bleakest game in the series, a far cry from the cheerful frivolousness of Insomniac’s Ratchet & Clank franchise. To aptly convey the abject desperation and despair felt by the game’s cast, Insomniac enlisted composer Boris Salchow, who also wrote the score for Resistance 2. To learn about the game’s music, how it had changed from the previous titles and how user control affects the score, we talked to Boris in an exclusive interview.

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insertcoin2631d ago

It's spectacular how eerie the soundtrack for Resistance 3 is this time around. Just a touch of Dead Space to make it feel creepy. *shudder*

doctorstrange2631d ago

They've really gone spooky and dark for this game.

Sev2631d ago

Seriously, there were parts where my heart was pounding out of my chest. The sound design and music makes for the perfect setting.

MerkinMax2631d ago

Have you played it already?

newn4gguy2631d ago

He has. I can verify that he has. Haha. I'm jealous every time I see him online, playing a game that's not out yet. -_-

dbjj120882631d ago

Put your headphones on I suppose.

RandomDude6552631d ago

I had my headphones on when n4g assaulted my ears with a loud droning about some kind of robot

WTF is this...default that to silent, jerks

knifefight2631d ago

How's the PSP game in this series? I need some non-RPGs for my handhelds....

newn4gguy2631d ago

Pretty good, actually. I would recommend it. It's much better to use a Dualshock 3 on a PSP Go, but I seriously doubt you own a Go. Even people who did own a Go sold it.

LostTokens2631d ago

Resistance on the PSP was pretty fun, newn is fully right. Play was a little funky since there's only the one stick, but the face buttons worked surprisingly well.