Guy makes (almost) fully functioning PIP-boy prototype

Some people have way too much time on their hands. This guy has made a real life functioning PIP-boy device, from the Fallout series, complete with LCD display and all.

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Pikajew2335d ago

This just in Bethesda is suing him for making something that was in their game

BladedTech2335d ago

Sweet. When can I buy one?

XxBarretxX2335d ago

lol, it would cost close to a thousand or more I'm guessing. He did all that work himself and I bet he didn't use cheap parts to replicate it.

BladedTech2332d ago

Probably not. Plus, I can't even put it on...looks like it's time to make my own replica.

kma2k2334d ago

no lie that is f'n amazing. Give some person with time on there hand & the ability & almost anything can be made!

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