PEOWW - Mortal Kombat Kollection (XBLA) - review

The @PEOWW review crew take a look at this new Mortal Kombat compilation before realising a horrible truth...

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juanvan2636d ago

This review gets a .1 out of 10

Istanbull2636d ago

Is the reviewer 12 years old? These games are classic! When you review them, don't expect and set your hopes up for a 2011 like game! These games are from the 90's, and classics for people who grew up in the 90's!

maxmill2636d ago

The only actual issue is the online so wtf?

contra1572636d ago

Perfect arcade port with the coin stealing Arcade AI. clearly doesn't know mk.

zero_cool2636d ago

Lame excuses=crap review

peacesquid2636d ago

The above comments are what happens when idiots see a score and try to guess what the words were. The review, if you'd bother to read it, says that MK1 is still fun, MK2 is just too cheap and that UMK3 is decent.

Bad online play, dodgy sound and glitched achievements show that this is a fairly sketchy port and given that UMK3 on XBLA did a better job of things before it was delisted, that's why the game got a 5 (which despite what decades of bad game journalism has taught you, is a respectable AVERAGE score).

Stay classy, N4G fanboys.

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