Game You Might Not Have Played: TIME COMMANDO

Time Commando is an action-adventure computer and video game developed by Adeline Software and published by Electronic Arts in Europe, Activision in America (United States and Brazil), and Virgin Interactive (PlayStation version) and Acclaim Entertainment (Sega Saturn version) in Japan.

It was originally released for the PC on July 31, 1996 in Europe, United States and Brazil, and was later ported for PlayStation and released on September, 1996 in Europe, on September, 1996 in the United States and on November 15, 1996 in Japan. A Sega Saturn version of the game was also released in Japan on March 5, 1998.


Full GamePlay Video WalkThrough

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Voxelman2632d ago

This is a game I have played

biddern12632d ago

nice to hear, a'm a fan of playing old video games

Voxelman2632d ago

it wasn't old when I played it lol

Hellbound19782631d ago

I had this game...It wasn't that good apparently or I would still have it. It had to go along with games like Spawn: The Eternal (Shudder).

biddern12631d ago

Time Commando is a much better game then Spawn the Eternal.

XeoZin2631d ago

Uhh i had this game too. I completely forgot it untill i saw the video hehe.
As far i remember it wasnt that bad.

KentBlake2631d ago

I played this one back in the day and finished it. The only thing I remember is that I liked the game until the last stage, which sucked (but I don't remember how it was at all).

biddern12631d ago

the last stage to me is the easiest.
i have the full gamplay on my blog. just hit the link.