MegaMan fans, meet MegaMan X: Corrupted

DSOGaming writes: "So, what is MegaMan X: Corrupted you ask? Well, as you may have guessed, it’s not an official game by Capcom. No our dear readers, Corrupted is a fan-made 2D scroller that is being developed by JKB Games and will be released for free on the PC."

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Kalowest2579d ago

These combos were nasty.

princejb1342579d ago

this is another reason why fans are better than developers sometimes, fans know exactly what we want while developers need to have a full of month of conference only to get it wrong on release date

Godmars2902579d ago

That is the direction the series needs to go.

xtheownerzx2579d ago

your not kidding man this looks so great!

majiebeast2579d ago

Sadly now that it has been in the spotlight its gonna be shut down so fast it will make your headspin, like so many other good fanprojects.

CrescentFang2579d ago

I was trying to remember what this was called! Well now I know lol

gano2579d ago

capcom should be ashamed.
he did something they taking years to try to figure out

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The story is too old to be commented.