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Notch tweets new image of chest mechanics in Minecraft 1.8

A couple hours ago Notch tweeted an image of a new chest mechanic presumably to be seen in the upcoming 1.8 update. The new image shows a couple of cool new features, one being that you can actually see the chest open (and presumably it will have some sort of open/close animation to compliment the status) as well as apparently being able to see if a chest is empty without having to get to it. This will likely save many infuriating mountain climbs to a fortress with no treasure left. (Minecraft, PC)

CraigUK  +   1461d ago
this stuff annoys me, when it just links to some forum post. i thought this was against some of the rules or something.
3GenGames  +   1461d ago
This. Plus, it only shows an image of an open chest, doesn't mean there's animation. So much speculation, just pass this up. No real content besides 2 posts and 0 pictures or facts.
JoePrime  +   1461d ago
You guys do realize I posted this is an "Image" - right? Where does it say "Article" or "News" hm? I'm sorry there isn't much more more than an image, but I thought the was point of posting as "Image"...
3GenGames  +   1461d ago
And you realize that the article should just direct to the tweet to show it? Not some dumb form, no wonder you work for no site.
Winkle92  +   1461d ago
Well I for one appreciate the information, no matter what form it comes in.
Miths  +   1461d ago
"Chest mechanics"? Is that look "boob physics" in Dead or Alive or Soul Calibur? :)

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