T3 Hands-on Review: Sony PlayStation Vita

Amazing screen and great controls, but what is the PSP2 price?

When Sony announced its new gaming handheld back in spring, it was throwing down a gauntlet for the next 12 months. The release of Nintendo's 3DS was imminent, smartphone and tablet gaming was on the rise, and the dark spectre of the as-yet-unannounced iPhone 5 even then hung menacingly over the next year, threatening to take it even further. Sony's move was very calmly saying one thing: wait.

So when we sat down with the PlayStation Vita (then known as the 'NGP'), knowing the public would not be able to play it properly till the end of the year, we were intrigued to see whether this confidence was justified. Arguably, we came out with more questions than answers.

by Matt Hill at

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MasterCornholio2633d ago

Yep Sony has the controls nailed down for the Vita. Having 2 analog sticks instead of a nub (or circle pad) makes the games a lot more playable.

Not trying to troll here but looking at the 3DS they could have added another circle pad they had enough space for it. Does anyone know why Nintendo did not do this? Because after the criticism that the PSP received for only having one nub i thought the 3DS would have 2.

sloth33952633d ago

i think nintendo views the touch screen as the 2nd circle pad

MasterCornholio2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

Thats horrible. When i had the DS, i had a game called Metroid Prime Hunters. The control scheme for it was horrible especially when it comes to aiming with the stylus. Nintendo cant be serious about using the touch screen as a second circle pad.

There has to be another reason.

sloth33952633d ago

im pretty sure that is the reason since they wanted to keep the cost down

cpayne932632d ago

They said in a video that the tilt controls makes up for the lack of a circle pad. No joke.

mr_epsym_knird2632d ago

I think the rear touchpad is where we'll have the hardest to get trophies/unlockables.