BloodRayne: Betrayal IGN Review

I played BloodRayne: Betrayal at this past year's E3, and it left an indelible mark on me as the single biggest surprise of the show. One word came to mind pretty much every second I played it -- "Castlevania" -- because BloodRayne: Betrayal reeks of an old-school entry in the series.

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BrightFalls762631d ago

Wow, I wasn't expecting that score at all. I was a huge fan of the series and was very dissapointed to see the new direction it had taken. I'm willing to give it a second look now though.

Rampaged Death2631d ago

This combined with the Giant Bomb QL has me really excited for it.

lastdual2631d ago

As soon as I knew Wayforward was making this, it was on my radar. Those guys always put out awesome 2D games.

Rainstorm812631d ago

i thought the old Bloodrayne games were Horrid so i didnt even bat an eye at this title.... but after watching the trailer this is a day one purchase for me..

With technology where it is now we should see more awesome 2D games with great depth..

TheDivine2631d ago

Ive been watching this for a while i love 2d games. I sawthe 1 hour playthrough and loved it, looks hard which is good. I wish it was more open like symphony of the night though. Still day one!

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