10 Ways Activison Can Increase Interest In Modern Warfare 3

Given the recent lukewarm fan reaction to the latest trailer, is there an impending Call of Duty backlash? Here is a look at 10 things Activision/Infinity Ward can do to win back the fans that are starting to feel burnt out on the Call of Duty series.

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Hufandpuf2631d ago

Delay the game and show some commitment.

JokesOnYou2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

COD fans want COD, not BF, I wish BF fans weren't so insecure, luckily I don't need to jump on every post about BF3, knowing full well I prefer COD and yet continually show up commenting about a game I supposedly dont care about, but hey I understand BF fans are just pissed because everybody won't buy what they want them to buy, lol don't listen to the haters even Battlefield wants to be more like COD, but ultimately the BF fans are hypocrites because BF3 is no more innovative than its BFBC2, both offer a few small changes, while remaining MORE of the same, new sp campaign, new maps, same gameplay like the majority of sequels but BF3's main attraction seems to be a new coat of paint. I don't give a shiii what they say, I got nothing against BF franchise but I'm going to play the game that I think is more fun.= MW3, I'll see the haters in about 6mo from now when I'm still playing MW3, and all the rest of the year, well in between all other games I pick up. lol

Mikeyy2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

I agree!

Absolutly no BF3 fan has justifyed why BF3 will be so great! They immediatly turn the conversation into how COD is the same thing every year...

What does BF3 do that BFBC2 doesnt do? All they seem to tout is that it's "Not COD" and "Pretty Graphics".

Gurt_McSquirt2630d ago

I can't believe I wasted my time reading that article.

pandehz2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

BF fans aren't insecure, they're saving your hypnotized ass from making the same mistake all
ov3r again.

@Mikeyy BF3 has numerous improvements. Some of the below I've acquired from the time I spent in BF3 Alpha.

For fans:
1. Improves upon BF2 and BFBC2 in vehicles, terrain design,
2. Better pacing in multiplayer and gameplay improvements.
3. Dont have to mention the graphics. Oops
4. Much larger maps
5. Jets return
6. Single player campaign and CO-OP campaign for the first time in Battlefield series. (Bad Company series don't count)

For Newcomers:

1. A more Immersive war shooter.
2. Wide range of vehicular combat finely weaved into the gameplay mechanics.
3. Eye candy?
4. Get a pair of headphones and ......
5. Destruction as a part of gameplay and not just flash.
6. Different multiplayer modes in comparison to others.
7. DICE support. (ask any BF player)
8. Etc

Whats good about MW3?

Hufandpuf2630d ago

If you want me to tell you why the battlefield series is so great, it'd be pointless. It'd be like telling you how great heaven is but you haven't been there so you wouldn't have the same feeling as I did being there. Just go play the game. I can easily tell you haven't played a BF game because for 1 you think BF3 is a sequel to BFBC2. it's not, it's a sequel to the PC game BF2 back in 2005. I on the other hand have played every COD and BF game so I know what I am talking about and am not saying false things about either.

JokesOnYou2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

Yeah, Mikeyy I don't see it either....all I have seen is a whole lot of PC footage that looks really awesome but hardly anything remotely close to innovation as far as new gameplay or features are concerned, and the little ps3 footage I've seen lately was dark and nothing special to say the least, yet right on cue it was "OMG teh best graphics ever!" Really? lol, and of course according to Hufandpuf if you cant believe BF is so great then its because you NEVER played it. lmfao, Seriously I think BF3 is going to be a great game for BF fans/gamers but honestly I see nothing spectacular about it, and NO I don't think MW3 will be the greatest game ever either but I do know its more fun to play (for me) judging by my past experience with both games.

pandehz, the only mistake being made over and over again is folks like you trying to tell other gamers how they should spend their money. I guess You want to tell me who to vote for next. pffft

RyuCloudStrife2630d ago

I agree. All BF3 fanboys talk about is graphics... they go into a CoD article and talk about graphics. BF3 has incredible graphics basically all I've seen is from PC anyways but good graphics nonetheless but graphics are not what attracts me most its gameplay CoD is the king of FUN FPS gameplay the graphics are alright. Gameplay>graphics simple thats why MW3 is better then BF3.

Septic2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

You really don't get it so you? I was a huge COD fan and in fact, MW2 is probably my most played game ever. You really think the hate against COD is unnecessary?

Battlefield 3 appears to be superior to COD in ever way. Firstly, look at the commitment made by DICE in comparison to IW or even Treyarch. Do you really think the decision to release a COD game every year is for the benefit of the fans? No its for the sake of profit only and I'm sure I don't need to point out Guitar Hero and Tony Hawks as examples as to why. In comparison DICE actually invested time and effort in crafting a game for the fans.

You say battlefield 3 is only about graphics? Do you really think coding an engine like Frostbite 2.0 is an easy and cheap thing to do? Just look at the trailer and how amazing it looks. Look at the gameplay. Look at the destruction. Look at the scale. Look at the sheer amount of vehicles. THEN couple all this with the fact that DICE actually listen to their fans and give you dedicated servers, commo rose, server browsers, and decent value with dlc, not the rip off that is DLC for the COD games. The game has unrivalled scope and attention to detail. What more do we want?

You keep hammering on this point about innovation as if that is what battlefield fans keep touting as the biggest advantage. It's not innovation, its the evolutionary aspect of the battlefield games. Battlefield 3 represents a definitive step into the next generation. Call of Duty is content with maintaining the status quo and there is no evidence at all of the franchise making any strides in moving the industry forward. Currently it is curtailing any efforts to do so.

I want Modern Warfare 3 to be good but I know who has and deserves to have the recognition for being the better developer with the interests of gamers at heart and I already know which game is the better game for it.

4Sh0w2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

Those are still minor changes from observing gameplay, words like "improves", "better pacing" etc will depend on the taste of the gamer whether BF3 has actually improved in those area's vs BFBC2. I could do a similiar list for MW3 "improvements" from Black Ops.

-Spec Ops, survial mode with matchmaking, progressive ranking, killstreaks and unlocks.
-Reduction of the number of so-called hotspots on the multiplayer maps altered to accelerate the flow of action
-Strike Packages= Assault, Support and Specialist, meaning players can have killstreaks tailored to their role instead of the standard that all players have.
-improved killstreaks
-more balanced weapons/grenades
-new weapons
-new equipment
-new perks
-A Kill Confirm Mode
-Custom Private Matches
-Plus more minor changes you can find here;
Not counting obvious stuff like new sp and new maps, theres also a host of other features offered in Elite, but I sure as hell aint paying for that.

@septic, I don't understand coding but I know enough to see that its basicly an upgrade in graphics, and why is it always PC version shown off, still I haven't really seen whats so different about it besides graphics, the lighting has improved alot too, but the destruction, smoke effects, gameplay mechanics, animation, for the most part look virtually same as before, so thats why some may not understand why COD is so hated when BF3 at least from my novice eyes isn't much different from BFBC2, "definitive step", oh please, you're kidding right, so what if COD releases every year, what is this obcession with these elite gamers who think they know whats best for everybody, games provide entertainment and if you spend $60 and play it all year long that sounds like a great deal to me.

Bladesfist2630d ago

Its funny how when something is inferior in a product that someone loves they immediately jump to thats all you care about.

"Graphics is all BF fan boys care for"

"Graphics is all PC fan boys care for"

I can also inform you that you are wrong on both counts

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TurismoGTR2631d ago

I agree with number 1... put that money towards other games.

Milking a series for years without big improvements causes sales to decline, just look at NBA Live.

Mikeyy2630d ago

You have a phone call sir.

It's Madden.

BattleTorn2630d ago

"Given the recent lukewarm fan reaction to the latest trailer"

Haha ya, lukewarm...

Never would've I thought "lukewarm" could be sugar-coating something.

Dazel2630d ago

They don't need to get more interest, it will sell by the millions anyway. However, the best way to get the rest of us interested would be to stop flogging it to death every flippin year.The only reason my friends and i ain't bothering is becasue we are bored to death with CoD.

MGRogue20172630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

Activision already has everything going according to plan.

Once again, We are all in for the ride now.. Again.

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