Iconic Magical Castle Done Right in Minecraft

Lately there has been a trend of replicating worlds or places from movies, most recently is the impressive recreation of Mordor from Lord of the Rings. While this is not the first attempt at making the memorable school of wizardry, it is by far the most detailed I have seen.

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Ramses32631d ago

Does anyone else feel that they don't have the best attention span when playing minecraft? I could never really devote my self to builing something as big as this by using resources found in the world.

Emilio_Estevez2631d ago

This was done in multi-player, so many people helped make it. Also, they prolly used mods to "inventory hack" to just have infinite blocks of whatever they need. Very impressive structure, but chances are they didn't actually mine all that stuff.

Ramses32631d ago

You're right, but i have seen people do similar structures using things they mined themselves. Very impressive, if very difficult.