Five PC Exclusives that PS3-360 Owners Would Die to have on their Consoles

"There was a time when PCs used to enjoy loads of exclusive AAA titles that console owners could only look at with envy. Many developers had their reasons for not having console versions of those games. Maybe the consoles at that time just didn’t have the horsepower to handle the best representation of a game, such as Crysis. Other games perhaps didn’t lend themselves to the game controller. But that situation has radically changed ever since the current generation of consoles launched. Both Xbox 360 and PS3 have hosted a vast number of formerly PC-only games. However, there are still few games that remain wholly exclusive to PCs."

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gameguru2580d ago

Gimme Starcraft 2 plzzzz

Persistantthug2579d ago

My hope is for GUILD WARS 2 to the PS3 though.
Will totally make my year :)

BeOneWithTheGun2579d ago

These articles make it seem like someone picks a platform to play on and then they are stuck with that forever. It's ridiculous. People make choices. I've had gaming PCs, I own an xbox and a ps3. I am not "freaking out" that some system has a game I cannot play. If the library warrants it, I save my money and buy it.

Assassin Nawabi2580d ago

Diablo 3 on consoles would actually be quite cool

_LarZen_2580d ago

Blizzard is actualy looking into getting Diablo 3 on consoles. They have a console team and are still hiring talented people...

So I would not be suprised if it is coming somtime in 2012...

NiteX2580d ago

We are going to be lucky if D3 hits PCs in 2012. And I honestly think it will never hit consoles. But if it did it would be at the minimum of 2 years after PC. So try 2014....

evrfighter2580d ago

arma would kill the socom franchise

iamgoatman2580d ago


More like Arma would kill the consoles themselves.


vickers5002580d ago

Total War - No
World of Warcraft - Yes
Starcraft 2 - Maybe
The Witcher - Maybe
Diablo 3 - Yes

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thebudgetgamer2580d ago

i would liuke diablo and witcher, not really into strategy games.

thebudgetgamer2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

double post.

nickjkl2580d ago

but if im dead how would i enjoy the game

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The story is too old to be commented.