5 reasons why you should ignore console 3D gaming right now

Is it too early to go 3D at the moment, are there too many negatives, is it even needed. Here are some common reasons not to adopt 3D in your gaming.

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bunt-custardly2636d ago

Money, money, money is the big factor. It'll be interesting to see how immersive gaming can truly be with the addition of 3D, as for cinema 3D, some films have really benefited from the effect, hopefully it translates well in gaming.

gamingdroid2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

Yup price alone is enough of a detractor not to mention the host of other problems. Also, my eyes strain a lot more too...

I don't care what health reports say, I know extended viewing doesn't make me feel very good especially if I laid down the dough I had to, to enjoy it.

Make it standard and essentially free with my tv, and I will consider using it.

buddymagoo2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

Do either of you have a 3D tv or are just slating something you haven't got? Because it seems to me that 3D adds something huge to gaming, a real sense of depth. Also developer support from devs like Naughty Dog, Epic, Isomniac give me confidence it is here to stay and will succeed.

Also this article seems to be damage control for the lack of 3D support on said websites console of preference.

Substance1012635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

Dont see how price is a barrier, you can be getting a 24inch 1080p monitor for 300usd which supports 3D. Add in a 600usd PC and you have a great setup for a system that does 3D in 1080p 30-60fps in most games.

PC also is the only system which supports a vast number of titles in 3D, both AMD and Nvidia have over 500games supported in 3D, in comparison PS3(which is the leading console promoting 3d) may barely have 35titles in 3D.

Baka-akaB2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

price is an increasingly weak argument , when for over a year now , there have been excellent 3dtvs around 500$ .

I had a 46" panasonic 3dtv at 800900 dollars a year ago , when it's 3dless 50" equivalent was at the same price .

Enough with that nonsense already ... if you can afford and need an hdtv , you can very easily get it 3d while at it for very affordable prices .

It was true a year ago and its even more the truth .

pixelsword2635d ago

"5 reasons why you should ignore console 3D gaming right now"

-Wait until the 360 gets up to speed
-Wait until the 360 gets up to speed
-Wait until the 360 gets up to speed
-Wait until the 360 gets up to speed
-Wait until the 360 gets up to speed


2635d ago
MrDead2635d ago


"Xbox already is at a disadvantage when compared to the PS3 in terms of how it outputs 3D"

That is a quote from this 360 article, as stupid as it is it still admits the PS3 is better.

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Istanbull2635d ago Show
Ares842635d ago

Did someone tell these guys that Xbox is getting 3D funcionality now so they can stop hating on it?

Man, these xbox-world fangirls always troll and always hate on something. it's time to wash the sand out of their vagina.

iamnsuperman2636d ago

Its all about price and it effects both the movie and gaming industry). There are going to be titles that do not utilise 3D very well and others that do (uncharted has been reported to use it very well). For one or two stellar titles the tvs are too expensive and its too expensive for other companies to invest in 3D properly when the tvs are too much money and not that many people have them. Lower the price so its an extra 100 for 3D might just entice but this is asking the impossible right now.

Kee2635d ago

I like 3D, but it's not a selling point for me... I wasn't even all that interested in the 3D in the 3DS, either but I bought it anyway.

mrmancs2635d ago

super hd will help then we will efectivly get hd 3d(if the next gen can power it!) 3d is great cant wait to jump in

VanguardOfCalamity2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

I've been on the 3D band wagon for about a year using Nvidia - then recently got the PS3 going (luckily able to use the same glasses and IR emitter) - but I have to say that Killzone 3 / MK9 / other "3D" type games on PS3 haven't seemed to match up with the quality of 3D on the PC (obviously I'm not talking about overall graphics quality because PS3 will usually lose that battle) - but whether it is the ability to control the strength of the 3D or other options the PC gives I don't know - but the PS3 3D makes my eyes hurt profusely after a few hours - at least when gaming (3D blu-ray movies on PS3 are quite enjoyable though). I am looking forward to the God of War Origins Collection and ICO in 3D.

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