5 Modern Revolutionary Games

Every few years there is a game that changes everything we knew about the genre for the better. These are known as revolutionary games, not only do they bring everything we enjoy about the genres they represent but they also add more than any game previously did.

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Godmars2902633d ago

LBP is on the header and yet it only gets an honorable mention?

jmmurillo862633d ago

Bad list, imho.

Let's take a look at the "innovations":

Gears Of War: Cover System. While KillSwitch did it before, Uncharted does it better and Mass Effect integrates it in its deep and wide RPG core.

God of War: QTE for gory finishing moves. Often replicated , but not quite revolutionary. Excellent examples of QTE are Shenmue and Fahrenheit(aka Indigo Prophecy). On the other hand, it's frenetic gameplay was already beautifully done in Devil May Cry.

Crysis: A graphic benchmark, literally. The game itself is not that revolutionary.

I'm not saying they are the best but these are revolutionary:

GTAIII: No need to mention why.

RedFaction-Guerrilla: Revolutionary destruction. Pun intended.

MAG: 256 online players in console and command hierarchy. Quite impressive.

LittleBigPlanet: Physics-based platformer where you can made a full "mod" without coding a single line of code and it will be available for everyone else to enjoy, co-op included.

Mirror's Edge: Amazing platformer in 1st person. New concept, yet not fully developed.

Portal: Mind-blowing 1st person puzzle gameplay.

There are many more, but it's getting late.