Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay Trailer Analysis

A closer look at some things your might have missed in the trailer.

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zoks3102577d ago

Game looks like every other COD ever made. Nothing from the COD MP trailer shows superiority over BF3. BF3 all the way!!

chriski3332577d ago

theres nothing to analyze it looks like mw2 this is just wrong

miDnIghtEr2577d ago

Uhm... uhm... uhm.. uhm..uhm.. uhm uhm uhm.


Skynetone2577d ago

This video is "umh"

i had to turn it off after the 15 "umh" which is about 3 secounds into the video

fr00ty-wizenhymer2577d ago

I agree that's when I stopped watching too. And I made the damn video!