Deus Ex:Human Revolution's 'Missing Link' feels like a real disappointment after EIDOS little ‘game’

DSOGaming writes: "The funny thing here is that Adam has the same old augs in Human Revolution. So let's say that you decide to re-build him in this DLC. So how come he has his old augs after those three days in the final game? We understand that EIDOS want to provide a gaming experience similar to the final game but this is definitely not the right way."

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Kran2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

Honestly, people say this to me sometimes on my articles.

But this article is poorly written. I found quite a few grammar errors.

And the entire article has so many invalid points. Basically, you're stating that the idea of somebody having their powers stripped is a silly idea and Eidos could have done better?

I think its up to Eidos to decide what a DLC's story is because to you, its probably a s***ty idea. But to them, I bet they have something pretty good cooking.

strange19862634d ago

Unless the author knows a great deal more about the DLC than I do (possible I suppose), he seems to be making a lot of assumptions. For example, he assumes that the changes you make during the DLC don't have any effect your augs during the rest of the main game. I haven't read anything that seems to verify that. I could be wrong, but this just seems like an opportunity to respec your character - a welcome feature in my mind.

I agree with the poorly written part too. At this point, the third paragraph is taken straight from the Deus Ex website, so he(author) might want to include some sort of citation.

aliengmr2634d ago

Because more DXHR is a bad thing? news to me.