Call Of Duty XP: Is Call Of Duty Elite Worth It?

GameFront, "On the first night of the first Call of Duty XP, we got an in depth and early look at the final version of Activision’s hotly anticipated Call of Duty social network, Call of Duty Elite. We’ve discussed many of the free features of Call of Duty elite in our comprehensive hands-on, but the last time we had a look many of the details – for example, how much the non-free features might set you back – remained unrevealed."

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GSpartan7772637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

:/ Honestly it's way too much and I seriously hope they rethink the pricing which I'm sure they won't. I already pay $50 for Xbox Live and other expenses. $50 on top of that is quite a lot.

Jobesy2636d ago

then don't pay for live, really,i switch to psn a long time ago, haven't looked back.

Ot: if you're going to buy map packs anyway you're a fool not too get this. It will pay for itself.

farhad2k82636d ago

For people like me: A PS3 user and from the UK, it is actually VERY VERY worth it.
I'm guessing it is going to be 40 pounds over here in the UK.
I'm guessing that MW3 will be releasing 3, if not 4 map packs throughout the course of MW3, priced at 11.99, multiply that by 3 and thats 36 pounds.
So elite is just costing me 4 pounds really, plus I get the maps earlier and a whole bunch of other stuff. Great deal from Activision!!

jbakery202637d ago

yes it is worth it 12 dlc one a month. black ops 4 map packs $15 each. $50 dollars is worth it

neonlight452636d ago

I think its only worth if if you are a hardcore COD player.

zoks3102636d ago

Yes for DLC and the added content, but it will be a tough sell for non core COD players.

iGaMei2636d ago

Hardened $100.00 to play cod for a full year and new maps modes and guns . 100/365 days .27c a day to play what I love

jimmywolf2636d ago

an only 100 buck the normal price of the game an service..... well you save 10 bucks assuming you never buy any map packs on sale great deal!!!

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